Cost Insurance Rates for Army Families

The military lifestyle is a unique one that many businesses don’t understand. When choosing auto insurance for your family, you want to make sure you are working with a company that can meet the special needs of the military. Here are the key factors to consider before signing a contract with any provider.

Overseas Deployment

It’s common for military families to be sent overseas for a few months or even a few years. The ideal solution is to choose a company that can offer you insurance around the globe. Designed for military families, the best option for global coverage is USAA. Founded by a group of officers, this company understands the unique needs of military personnel and can provide you with coverage in several different countries.

Leaving the Car Behind

There are times when your car can’t go with you to the next duty assignment. Whether you are being stationed in a remote area or you know that you won’t be driving while overseas, you will still require insurance for your parked vehicles. Letting the insurance lapse will leave you without coverage if something happens to your car in storage.

The lack of coverage for any period of time can also make it difficult to buy a new policy when you are ready to get behind the wheel again. Look for a company that can provide you with drastically discounted rates for periods when your car will be not be on the road.


Moving is a regular part of military life. It’s normal for military families to move every few years. The easiest way to ensure continuous coverage is to choose a company that operates in all fifty states. Rather than trying to find a new company with every move, you simply have to contact your agency and give them your new address.

Customer Service

Insurance agents can be incredibly helpful. They will help you decide on the right coverage and can give you assistance should you need to file a claim. However, they will also have to be left behind when you are transferred. Moving is difficult enough and the military isn’t known for giving soldiers a lot of notice when they will be relocating. Focus on finding a company that has top-notch customer service representatives and deal directly with the company instead.


While rates are not going to rise just because you’re in the military, they necessarily drop, either. Most insurance providers don’t offer discounts specifically to military members, although you can find some that are less expensive. Visit comparison sites to locate insurance companies with the best rates for the coverage you need.

Easy Payment Options

Preparing for a deployment or permanent move is stressful. Choose an insurance company that can ease some of the burden by providing you with easy ways to make the payments. Many insurers now take payments online as well as offering direct withdrawal services. Having these abilities can help you stay on track financially and avoid a lapse in coverage when you are focused on an upcoming move.


Here are a few of the companies who understand the unique needs of our country’s defenders and will work with you. They have the lowest rates and special programs that can prove valuable to you and your family.

• USAA – Founded by military officers in the early part of the 20th century, this insurance company specializes in providing insurance policies to members of the military.
• Geico – Their special military program offers you overseas coverage, a special storage protection program and support services to help you stay on track even when you are preparing for deployment.

The military has a unique job and they need the right kind of insurance company to take care of them. You need to look at more than just the price that is quoted to you. Look at the states they operate in, the availability of overseas coverage and their customer service record. With a little research, you can choose a company that understand the different aspects of military life and will work to meet your needs.

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