Contacting Your Car Insurance When You’ve Been In An Accident

old school cell phoneStay calm. You are alive, and that’s the most important thing after an accident. Keep that in mind when you eventually make the call to your auto insurance provider.

Before getting into an accident (hopefully you never will) try and keep your car insurance card in you glove box so the information and numbers to call are available if you end up in a collision. If the worst happens, and you need to pull that card out, stay at the scene of the accident.

Make sure you write down the names of the other drivers, and persons involved. Write down the name of the officer if one arrives at the scene, and if none arrive, you should make the emergency call if it’s serious enough. Get the license number and addresses of the other cars/drivers. And if you have a camera available, take pictures of the scene.

Don’t admit guilt immediately. Make sure everyone is alive and OK, but be sure not to take blame for the accident, especially if it’s not obvious who was at fault. Report the accident to your insurance provider as soon as possible. Take care to read your insurance policy (or if not the whole document, the part on the back that details the conditions). If you don’t follow these instructions you may be giving up some of your rights.

Keep asking questions if you aren’t sure you understand what the agent is saying.

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