Completing A Driving Course Can Lower Teen Car Insurance

80's BMW greenDriver’s Education reminds me of that Saved By the Bell episode where the Bayside kids drove around the fake car and learned to drive. I remember watching that episode and thinking I could not wait to be old enough to drive. When I turned 15, it was my turn for Driver’s Education. The classes were not nearly as fun as the seemed on the television. And, the behind the wheel training we had to do was long and scary for a new driver. However, without them, there was no way I would have been prepared to take on the road when I was 16.

Insurance companies know this. The recognize the essential value in educating young teenagers about the ins and outs of driving as well as the key to being safe on the road. In fact, most insurance companies actually offer a discount for teenagers who take driver’s education or defensive driving courses. They view these classes as an investment in the teen’s driving future.

When a teen is more knowledgeable, they are less of a risk on the road. If your teen has not taken Driver’s Education yet, enroll them today. It will lower your insurance rates and help them to be a better driver.

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