Compare Kemper vs All State Car Insurance Costs

Not all insurance companies are large, national chains with television commercials and a huge share of the market. Some are smaller companies that are slowly expanding and offer excellent services. One such company that is worth considering is Kemper Auto Insurance. Here is how they stack up the nationally recognized company, Allstate.


Both companies have stood the test of time. Kemper is actually a little older than Allstate. It was founded in 1926 and Allstate did not hit the scene until 1931. Both companies started with strong backing and have continued to grow and expand over the 20th century and into the 21st century.

Market Share

Allstate currently enjoys more than 10% of the market share and has billions of dollars in liability and property premiums. Kemper has less than 1% of the market share, but continues to grow and expand at a steady pace.

Ratings for Customer Satisfaction

Kemper consistently receives high marks from its customers and has a high customer satisfaction level. Allstate has overall customer satisfaction ratings of 78%.

JDPower, S&P, and A.M. Best

JDPower, S&P and A.M. Best rate most insurance companies and will assign them different scores in a range of areas. In the area of overall policy offerings, both companies were rated a 3 by JDPower. S&P rated the overall strength of both companies and gave slightly different scores. Kemper rated slightly lower with an A- while Allstate enjoy a higher score of AA-. Finally, A.M.Best rating for financial strength reflected similar results. Kemper received a score of A- while Allstate received an A+.

What these ratings mean to the consumer is that both companies are financially solid and likely to still be in business many years from now. There is not a concern currently that they might fold and leave their customers without insurance coverage.

Insurance Offerings

Both companies offer multiple options for insurance. In addition to insuring your car, you can also insure your boat, jewelry, home, and collectibles with either insurance company. Gap coverage is available on new cars to cover the difference between the appraised value and what is owed should there be an accident.

Online Access

Both companies have a strong Internet presence, allowing customers to manage their insurance policies online. However, JD Power ranked Kemper slightly higher than Allstate in how easy they are to contact. Kemper received a 4 for being easy to reach while Allstate only received a 3.

Available Discounts

Both companies believe in rewarding good customers with money saving discounts. Safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes will earn a discount, as will anti-theft devices. Taking safe driver classes will help you save money and the company’s both offer discounts for teenagers who are attending school more than 100 miles away from home. You can also enjoy discounts with either company for having multiple cars or more than one policy with the company.

State Licensure

The one big difference between the two companies would be the states they are licensed in. Allstate is currently licensed to do business and provide insurance coverage in all fifty states plus the Virgin Islands. Kemper, however, has not yet reached this point. They are currently licensed in only 38 states. They are not able to provide auto insurance coverage in the following states: Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island and West Virginia.


The cost of premiums is typically lower with Allstate. In the state of California, an average driver with a safe record will probably pay more for insurance with Kemper than with Allstate. The average cost of insurance for a young, male driver with Kemper is $1336 compared to only $1062 for Allstate. This is a savings of nearly $300 for Allstate drivers. Before rushing to switch to Allstate, however, you should be aware that the cost for married couples is actually lower with Kemper. The married couple would pay only $1330 with Kemper but nearly $1375 with Allstate.

Shopping Around

This serves to highlight the importance of shopping around for insurance companies. Rates can vary greatly and there are many factors that will impact the premiums you are quoted. From your credit report to the city you live in and what you drive, there are many items that are taken into account by the companies.

Allstate and Kemper are both solid companies with a strong history and excellent ratings. They are both secure financially and known for providing superior customer service. If you live in a state that they are both licensed in, it is definitely worth your time to receive quotes from each company before making a final decision.

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