Compare Car Insurance Rates with Progressive’s New VIN Capture App

Progressive is one of the first car insurance companies to acknowledge the country’s shift away from standard internet sites and toward smartphone apps. The insurance company has released a new app for iPhone and Android users that is easy to use and packed with practical features. Users can manage every aspect of their Progressive insurance policy through a smartphone device. They can also compare insurance costs for any car instantly, and they can purchase a new Progressive policy as soon as they purchase a new car.

VIN App Gives You Automatic Rate Information

One of the most unique features on the new app is VIN recognition. While you are shopping for a new car, you can find out how much you should expect to pay to insure the car by taking a snapshot of the VIN number with your phone. Progressive takes the snapshot and plugs it into their insurance comparison system, which will automatically give you a report listing several insurance rates from different companies for that particular car. Keep in mind that the rates are quoted based only on the car’s history. If you haven’t given Progressive a record of your own personal driving history, place of residence, or other details about your life, your real insurance rate could be different from the VIN quote.

Buy a New Policy with Your Phone

Once you have finished shopping and decided to buy a new car, you can use the smartphone app to instantly purchase a Progressive insurance policy for that car. The app makes it easy to get insurance before you ever leave the dealer’s lot. Your paperwork will be sent to your home address, but the app will give you a screen that includes proof of valid insurance coverage as soon as you finish the mobile registration for your new vehicle.

App Works with Snapshot Program

Many Progressive customers are taking advantage of their new Snapshot program that allows them to only pay for the miles that they actually drive each month. The Progressive mobile app ties into the program neatly. You can use your smartphone to verify your mileage through a quick snapshot, then send the information directly to Progressive without having to log onto a computer. The app will also allow you to look at your Snapshot account from any location. You can make changes to the account and track your real-time Snapshot discounts in the palm of your hand.

Make Payments or Policy Changes

The Progressive mobile app plugs existing customers directly into their account management information. If you have an account, you can use the app to make payments the same way you would make payments through a traditional website. You can also request changes to your account and update your personal information with Progressive if you have a new address or new contact information. The app contains up to the minute account information so that you can always see what coverage you currently carry and the details of your personal policy. If more than one vehicle is on the same policy, you will be able to access information about each of the vehicles through the same Progressive mobile app.


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