Compare Automobile Insurance Quotes Online – Pro Tips

If you feel like you are stuck paying car insurance rates that are too high, you don’t have to anymore – cheaper insurance is just a few clicks away!

Anyone can obtain online car insurance quotes for free, but to learn the secrets – you’ll need advice from a pro. To learn how to get THE MOST out of your online insurance quote experience, read our pro tips.

Get a Second and a Third Opinion

Compare multiple quotes from multiple sites to get an overall idea of the best coverage rates for you. At least two different comparison sites are recommended to get the most accurate picture of what your options are. Some comparison websites only compare two or three different companies, but many compare four to six different companies. The more you compare – the better chance you’ll have of finding the cheapest rates.

Cheaper is not Always Better

When comparing quotes, it’s very important to select a policy that meets your coverage needs and fits into your budget. While the goal of comparing quotes is ultimately, to find a cheap auto insurance plan – the cheapest plan is not always the best.

Pay attention to the coverage details for each plan. If a plan doesn’t meet the minimum coverage requirements for your needs (or your vehicle’s needs)– no matter how cheap the policy may be, it is not be the best plan for you. For instance, if you are entering your information for your vehicle (particularly, one that is your only source or access to income) and you are asked about optional extras such as, towing, rental or roadside assistance – you should carefully consider which options you and your vehicle may need. While a newer car may not need something like roadside assistance on the policy, it could save money in the long run for a car that is more than five or six years old.

Apples to Apples & Policies to Policies

Online quotes are based on information entered by the user, which can include info such as, the user’s age, zip code, driving history, type of vehicle they drive, etc. If you choose to enter your information into more than one insurance comparison website – you may be tempted to change some of your information, in order to get cheaper rates, however, this isn’t a good way to compare. The most accurate way to compare insurance rates is to enter the same information into each comparison site you visit. You can do this by staying organized – keep your vehicle and personal information together, as well as, information about anyone else in your household that must be listed on the policy.

Honesty Gets the Best Policy

In terms of entering your information into auto insurance comparison sites – your best bet will be to tell the truth. While it may be tempting to fib about the your DUI last year or the speeding ticket you got last month, it’s probably not a good idea. If you end up opening a policy through an insurance company – they’ll check your records and uncover the truth that way. When you are found out, it could result in higher insurance rates , as a result of more accurately calculated rates or it could result in the provider dropping your policy altogether. Entering accurate information is the best way to get the cheapest and the most accurate rate quotes online.

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