Combining Your Auto Insurance With Your Homeowners Insurance Can Save You Money

urban windowWhen you look into purchasing homeowners insurance, check to see if the same company has any auto insurance deals available. Occasionally, when you buy more than one kind of insurance from the same company, you can combine the rates into what is called a “multi-line policy.” Other companies may call this a “combined policy”, but most companies that offer such a service will provide you with discounts for these purchases.

If you don’t have either homeowner insurance or auto insurance and are in need of both, now is the perfect time to look into a combined policy and start saving money. Auto insurance is required in all fifty states, so make sure you are covered. Homeowner’s insurance isn’t a requirement, but certainly a good idea. If you have one and not the other, try contacting an agent at your insurance provider and see if they offer any combination policies that could help lower your overall rates.

It’s very easy these days to purchase auto insurance online. Most auto insurance providers can be compared side-by-side through other web sites. Homeowner insurance isn’t always as simple though. If you’re considering a combined policy of homeowner and auto insurance, it’s best to contact a live agent and speak to them about your options.

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