Combining house and car insurance? Your company might not be the cheapest

1169640_rolls-royce_silver_shadowYou are looking to save some money every month and want to combine your insurance policies. You have homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, and maybe even motor home or boat insurance all with different providers. If you insure everything with one insurance company, you can probably save money.

Which insurance company to go with isn’t an easy decision. Go online and do a comparison. Since you already do business with these companies, you know about their customer service, deductibles, and claim process. Read the testimonials and see if there are consistent complaints. Perhaps one company is great at auto claims but all the homeowner testimonials talk about how long those claims took. If there are consistent negative complaints, take them seriously. For the companies you haven’t used before, look at how their insurance rating compare to the companies you currently use.

Most companies offer discounts if you purchase multiple policies and some offer discounts if you’ve been with them a long time. Get quotes and make sure your needs will be met if you do switch. Also, ask how else you can save money. Maybe by getting an alarm installed, taking driver’s safety classes or dropping collision insurance on your old beater car. Saving money can be easy, just make sure you still have all the coverage you need.

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