Classic Car Insurance — Where Can you Find it?

Finding insurance for the actual worth of your classic car. However, getting the right amount of coverage for any classic car truck, van, motorcycle or hot rod is essential.

Classic Car Insurance: How is it Different from Basic Car Insurance?

Many providers cover classic vehicles, just like a regular-use vehicle with the same value as any other vehicle, expecting the car to be used in regular-use situations, higher mileage and valuing the vehicle in the same way as any other: the older the vehicle is, the less it is worth. However, there are several insurance providers that offer insurance that is custom-fit for classic vehicles, offering agreed value coverage, lower premiums and coverage that specifically applies to classic, antique and vintage automobiles.

Classic Car Insurance: Requirements

Many of these insurance companies place tight restrictions for classic car insurance. Most classic car insurance providers have strict requirements for where and how the car may be stored. For instance, classic car insurers want the car to be stored/locked up when it is not in a car show. The classic car provider may also require the classic car owner to put anti-theft devices on the car, as well. They will also place a limit on how many miles the vehicle may drive, possibly restricting the driver to 3,000 miles per year. Occasionally, classic car insurance companies will extend the mileage limit to 5,000 per year, but generally, 3,000 miles per year is standard for insuring classic vehicles.

Classic Car Insurance: List of Providers

  • American Collectors Insurance – This classic car insurance provider has classic car custom plans that include agreed value insurance, complete coverage, flexible usage, lower rates, and more. American Collectors provides coverage to classic vehicles in many different categories including cars, trucks, hot rods, motorcycles and other classic restorations. Visit American Collectors at
  • Classic Car Insurance – This classic car insurance provider offers independent coverage for almost any type of classic vehicle. Not only does this insurance company offer lower rates for classic cars, but they also assist in providing financing the purchase of a classic car, as well. These plans also include International Shipping Insurance. You can find Classic Car Insurance online at:
  • Hagerty – Hagerty provides classic car owners with a list of the categories that they cover, as well as, the necessary guidelines for coverage. Classic car policies with Hagerty include flexible usage, agreed value, no deductible and several other features. In addition, Hagerty provides assistance in matters related to the Department of Motor Vehicles, as well. Visit to find out more about Hagerty’s classic car insurance.

While the three providers listed above, offer classic car insurance — many popular insurance companies may offer specialized policies to classic car owners, as well. The internet is an excellent resource for finding insurance companies who will offer customized classic car insurance to policyholders. In fact, your current provider may offer classic car insurance, all you need to do is ask or visit their website.

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