Chrysler Sebring Car Insurance

If you are considering purchasing a Chrysler Sebring (or any vehicle, for that matter), it’s important to understand the true cost of ownership. The term, cost of ownership refers to various factors associated with owning a car including, car insurance rates, maintenance (oil changes, tires, etc.), fuel costs, repairs, financing and state property taxes.

In the following information, we will provide detailed information about one aspect of the cost of ownership: Chrysler Sebring car insurance. In addition, we will review the costs associated with insuring a Chrysler Sebring, as well.

Chrysler Sebring Insurance: Different Types

The Chrysler Sebring is available in standard and convertible options. However, just because the car carries the same name, doesn’t mean the insurance will be the same. Insuring a Chrysler Sebring convertible is more costly than insuring a standard model Sebring. The insurance is pricier for a convertible because these cars are considered less safe (according to safety ratings). Therefore, the insurance company feels better about insuring a safer vehicle, which means cheaper rates for standard Sebring owners. 

Insurance Costs

The insurance costs for all vehicles are based on many different factors.

One major factor in determining the rates for a Chrysler Sebring is the cost to replace the vehicle, if it is totaled or stolen. While the replacement value varies according to the company, the price is usually around the same price as the trade-in value of the car.

Another factor that insurance companies base insurance costs on is the safety of the vehicle. The 2009 Sebring Touring Convertible was given a four-star rating for driver’s side front impact and four-stars for passenger side frontal impact.

Other factors that influence the cost of insurance include personal attributes including, the driver’s location, age, and gender, length of time they have been driving, their driving history and credit report.


The 2009 Chrysler Sebring Touring Convertible cost an average of $1,855 annually. However, the rates of an experienced driver with a spotless driving history may be lower, while a driver who has been involved in a DUI, in recent years will pay much higher rates.

The cost to insure a 2009-2010 (non-convertible) Chrysler Sebring is, on average, $1,300 per year in insurance premiums. While a 2011 Sebring could be at least a couple hundred dollars more, due to the cost of insuring a newer car.  However, the good news is that within the first year of ownership (Chrysler Sebring 2011), your insurance costs should decrease dramatically. The Sebring depreciates by at least $5,900 after the first year. Therefore, your insurance rates will get lower each year as the cost burden to the insurance decreases when your vehicle depreciates. In addition, the five-year depreciation rate for Chrysler’s Sebring is $13,000, which is approximately $2,200 more than the depreciation rate of other vehicles within the same class.

Overall, the Chrysler Sebring is a safe vehicle, with reasonably low insurance rates. Be sure to ask your insurance provider for any available discounts and take the time to compare the rates of multiple insurance companies before selecting an auto insurance provider for your Chrysler Sebring.

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  1. 2010 Sebring has passed the top safety pick car test. IIHS is a non profit organisation which was founded by auto insurers.

  2. Sebring is a good performer no doubts but lacklusture interior and ride quality eventually put it out of the market.

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