Cheapest States To Insure Your Ride

Automobile insurance is one of those unavoidable expenses that we all complain about, but that we are glad we have in place if we ever have an accident. Depending on where we live, insurance rates can vary considerably. Perhaps when one lives in the middle of nowhere there are simply fewer obstacles to run into, fewer pedestrians to watch out for, or fewer other vehicles with which to have collisions? Nonetheless, here are the ten least expensive states in the Union to insure your vehicle.

The top three states in 2006 were North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, in that order. Maine followed closely behind in the two previous years. Next come Kansas, Idaho, and South Dakota, interspersed by Iowa and North Dakota trading places during the previous two years as well. It seems that the same states hold these top ten least expensive insurance rate spots throughout the three year period for which statistics are available, simply changing places a bit from year to year.

It should be noted that most of these states have a much lower population density than the major cities that fared the worst on the insurance rate expense list, more farmland, and fewer congested cities. Obviously lifestyle has something to do with insurance rates, as these areas also report fewer accidents, and lower number of speeding citations.

There just don’t seem to be as many insurance claims filed in cow country, causing insurance rates to be markedly lower.

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