Cheapest Automobile Insurance Quotes – Who Has Them?

Car insurance is mandated in almost every state in the U.S. Therefore, rather than face the heavy fines and penalties associated with not having the required auto insurance coverage — drivers are searching for ways to find the cheapest insurance quotes to save money.

Every insurance company uses a different system to calculate premiums and some insurance providers may offer different discounts and special deals that may not be available through another provider. Therefore, unless you are able to compare every rate, for every insurance company in the area before buying — you will not know if you are getting the cheapest rates. In fact, comparing quotes is one of the most important aspects to saving money on car insurance. So, how do you find out which company will offer you the cheapest rates? provides visitors with the opportunity to access the Progressive rates and the rates of several of their competitors, as well. Progresive is a great option to find out which major company will offer the best rates. This site requests personal information (age, gender, driving history, etc.) and vehicle information (make, model and year) to retrieve information from other companies. The information they/* receive from other insurance providers allows them to an instant rate quote comparison, which allows the consumer to choose which option is the cheapest for them.

Insurance premiums are determined by risk; therefore, the rate will be higher for those who are categorized as high-risk by the DMV and insurance companies. In addition to locating a free quote comparison site, it is also important to find an un-biased rate comparison site that is not affiliated with any specific car insurance provider. Other sites offer a rate quote comparison that allows consumers to find the cheapest car insurance quotes for their personal insurance needs.

Auto Insurance Comparison Websites offers un-biased quote comparisons from insurance providers that provide substantial savings, as well as, quality. also has a convenient and innovative iPhone app Insurance Shopper. is another comparison site that offers free un-biased rate quotes for several different insurance companies. The site provides unlimited quotes that are in a side-by-side format for easy comparison. This website claims to deliver quotes from the nation’s most popular car insurance providers in just five minutes. In addition, this non-affiliated site offers 100% hassle-free auto insurance quotes and allow users to be confident that the information they provide will be confidential and secure.

Other websites that help consumers find the cheapest real-time auto insurance quote include, (BBB Approved),,, and

Cheap insurance should not be the only aspect to compare when shopping for an insurance company. Car insurance shoppers should look for a well-established insurance provider that has a reputation for excellent customer service. Finding the cheapest insurance policy is not always the goal, but these sites help to compare auto insurance companies that provide both savings and protection. These methods for finding the cheapest auto insurance quotes are designed to keep you and your family fully covered — because it is the law.

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