Cheap SUV Insurance Premiums – Don’t Pay Too Much

If you drive an SUV or you’ve started comparing insurance for a sport utility vehicle you’re hoping to buy — you may have figured out that the insurance costs are much steeper than most other cars such as, a small sedan or hatchback. Learn why it’s more expensive and how to make your SUV insurance cheaper by reading the following information.

Why does insuring an SUV cost more?

Among other factors, insurance companies calculate car insurance rates according to the vehicle’s:

*Cost to repair

*Accident risk (frequency of accidents) &

*Potential damage to another vehicle or other people (in the event of an accident)

Due to the fact that SUVs are more costly to repair than most cars, sport utility vehicles have a higher center of gravity meaning “roll overs” are more common in these vehicles, and the fact that they’re bigger than most cars, which means they have a higher risk of causing substantial damage (considerably more than a smaller vehicle might), in the event of an accident — SUVs are typically, more costly to insure. Don’t worry though — there are ways to keep your insurance costs low for your SUV.

How can I get cheaper rates for my SUV?

  • Compare Rates — If you compare rates for the cheapest SUV premium — you may be surprised at how much the rates can vary. It’s worth it to shop around.
  • Shop Savvy — When you are shopping around for a new or newer vehicle, check out what the rates would be with your existing provider or by comparing rates for SUVs you’re considering purchasing, via insurance comparison websites. This way, if the insurance is too much — it won’t be too late to select a different model to buy. Hint: The more safety features your SUV boasts, the cheaper the premiums will be because most insurance providers offer multiple safety discounts (including, security features) — keep that in mind, when shopping for a new vehicle.
  • Combine Coverage — Most insurance providers will offer a (multi-policy) discount to policyholders use their company for all of their insurance needs. Therefore, if you own your own home, have a motorcycle, RV, — you should consolidate your policies by going through ONE company for ALL of your insurance needs (this includes life and health insurance if those apply, too). That’s right: put all of your eggs in one basket — for a discount on your SUV premium(s).
  • Drop Excessive Coverage — If your SUV is worth $1,000 or less, there’s little reason to have it fully covered (comprehensive/collision). Your vehicle will be very costly to replace, in the event you are involved in a collision or the vehicle is stolen. The cost difference between liability and full coverage is huge. If you don’t need comprehensive on your older SUV — either drop it or don’t get it.

These are just a few of the ways to avoid paying too much for SUV auto insurance — try these simple tips to save hundreds, even thousands on your premium each year!

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