Cheap Car Insurance in Maryland

Each state in the United States requires a certain level of auto insurance coverage, including the state of Maryland. In the following information, we will explain the car insurance laws in Maryland and how to find cheap coverage, as well.

The state of Maryland mandates that all drivers need to have a current insurance policy with the minimum coverage or better. The minimum type of coverage in Maryland is referred to as, 20/40/10, which translates to $20,000 a person for bodily injury with a maximum of $40,000 and $10,000 for property damage. Those who are caught without insurance are required to pay large fines and may receive penalties for not being covered. In Maryland, drivers are required to have third party liability insurance (PLPD), uninsured or underinsured driver’s coverage and accidental benefits coverage. Therefore, just having comprehensive or collision coverage does not meet the minimum state requirements. In addition to requiring car insurance coverage, drivers in Maryland are also required to keep a valid insurance card that is current, in the vehicle at all times.

In the state of Maryland, anyone who is registering a new car or renewing their registration needs to sign the FR-19 insurance certificate. The certificate may only be provided by a licensed insurance provider in the state of Maryland or an authorized insurance agent and can be electronically sent from the insurance company. This certificate is an agreement that the minimum amount of liability coverage will be sustained throughout the registration period (30 days) and no driving will occur without the vehicle having this type of coverage.

Uninsured motorists in the state of Maryland face serious penalties that can include losing their license and having to pay the full amount for any injury or damage that may have occurred because of an accident. In addition, uninsured drivers in Maryland may be required to pay an uninsured motorist fee ($150 per lapse for the first month and $7 per day, after the first month) and drivers without insurance in Maryland may also be able to pay a $25 restoration fee, which goes towards the vehicle registration. In addition, the DMV offices in Maryland could also restrict uninsured motorists from renewing registration or registering new vehicles until the violations have been cleared and it’s also possible to be required to pay a fine (up to $1,000 and/or one year in jail). These fines and penalties may be also added to any fines and penalties charged by the courts.

The safest way to avoid these fines and penalties is to maintain the minimum auto insurance coverage on any vehicles you drive. There are several insurance companies to choose from, including larger companies such as, Allstate, GEICO and State Farm, as well as, other local insurance provides in Maryland. The best way to receive the cheapest rate in the state of Maryland is by comparing car insurance rate quotes in the area. Motorists in Maryland can save lots of money on car insurance by opting for minimum coverage and comparing rates and services of the various companies in the area.

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