Cheap Auto Insurance for College Students

College students are often good drivers, but they have a hard time finding affordable car insurance. There are several ways you can reduce your insurance rates, and several factors that will affect you if you are college-aged and looking for a good insurance policy at a reasonable rate.

First, if you are in college and still considered a dependent of your parents, you can often remain under their insurance policy while you are in school. This is usually by far the cheapest option for most college students, as parents tend to have reasonable rates that transfer to you as a student. If your parents wish you to contribute to the overall insurance bill, understand that this may be your best choice as you probably will not find cheaper insurance on your own. Be sure to have your parents ask specifically if you are covered while you are in school in another state, as some policies have different rules about this situation.

On the other hand, there are cases where college students are emancipated, or are not considered dependents of their parents. You may have moved out and already had insurance on your own, or your parents may not be willing to keep you on their insurance policy. If you have to look for your own insurance, there are a couple of things you need to understand.

First, although your individual driving record can certainly count against you if it is bad, it probably will not help you much if it is good. This may not seem fair, but remember that rates are generated from actuarial data, and younger drivers are consistently involved in more accidents than older ones. Because of your age, you will simply pay higher premiums even if you are a good driver than someone ten years older than you. Most insurance rates begin to drop around the age of 25, and by the age of 30, you can probably receive rates comparable to that of your parents if you have a good driving record.

Although it may not help you to get a better rate, your current good driving record can be a bonus in keeping your rates from increasing. Being on the honor roll at your school and taking driver’s education classes can further help to reduce your premiums, so take advantage of those discounts if your insurance company offers them.

Be sure to keep in mind that just one ticket or accident can cause your premiums to soar. Obviously, drinking and driving, whether you are the driver or a passenger in the car, is terribly dangerous and should be avoided at all times. One DUI arrest and conviction will probably make it nearly impossible for you to get insurance for the next few years while you finish school.

Talk with your agent about your driving habits. If you drive your car less than 15 miles per day or 50 miles per week, if your car is parked in a secured garage, or if you are not driving in urban areas, you may be able to reduce your premiums significantly.

While cheap auto insurance for college students is difficult to find, using the discounts and strategies that help to reduce the premiums can help you save some money.

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