Review of the Insurance Institute for Safety Site

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If you are looking for some of the most up-to-date information on the topic of cars and insurance you will want to be sure and visit the Insurance Institute for Safety Site. This is a great place to get a ton of information on several topics, including safest cars to drive, research and statistical data in regards to insurance and many other topics.

It is a great idea to take the time to look at this website and you can take a look around at many of the features that are listed. This is an excellent site for anyone that wishes to educate themselves on this topic. There is a lot of resourceful information on this site. For instance, if you want to know what cars are the safest to drive, this is the site to find out. We all want to be sure our car is safe and it is likely you can get a report here.

The news topics are also outstanding on this site, as you can get up-to-date news on any car insurance topic as well as autos in general. This is certainly the place to stay up on the latest press releases for many hot new topics. We all are interested in how our insurance impacts our lives as well as the various cars we drive and this is the place to find it.

Are you into research and statistics? If so, this is the site for you. You can get a ton of information regarding cars and auto insurance that is well researched and will allow you to really learn a lot about the topic of your choice. There has been a ton of time and effort invested in this topic alone and it is really a good idea to check it out.

One of the greatest factors about this site certainly is the professionalism of the entire site. This site not only looks professional, but is extremely well-written as well. All you need to do is to take one glance at this site and you can tell that professionals are certainly in charge of all the topics and what is written about them as well.

So, if you are looking for a well-written Website that is loaded with tons of information, visit You could easily be amazed at all the information you will find there and most likely will want to visit this site as often as possible to catch up on the latest. You are certain to find to interest you because of the large amount of topics there. This site is absolutely amazing and will provide you with a wealth of information that you are likely to find not only intriguing but information you can put to use in your daily life as well. So, be sure you take the time to check it out.

Saving Money On Auto Insurance Is Easier Than You Think

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Mason Jar Savings BankIn this current day economy, people are pinching pennies so hard they are not squeaking, they are screaming. Everyone is trying to save money in every facet of their financial lives.

Many individuals or families are cutting their insurance coverage far below what it should be, or they are dropping the coverage all together.

This can be a dangerous practice that can have drastic, long reaching consequences. There are ways you can save money without putting you, your family or anyone else that rides in your vehicle in danger.

Driving less can decrease your insurance premiums.

  1. Walk when you can and ride a bike when you can, this is good for your health, your pocketbook and even for the environment.
  2. If you can’t walk or ride a bike, you can plan your trips so that you are doing multiple errands in each trip, thereby minimizing your mileage.

Theft deterrent systems, especially traceable ones such as Lowjack can also minimize your insurance premium, as well as help get your car back if it’s stolen.

Do some research on the vehicle you drive or plan on purchasing.

Expensive vehicles require more insurance as do:

  •  sports cars,
  • convertibles or
  • vehicles high up on the most stolen list.

With a minimal amount of research you can find out a lot about how insurance companies figure out their rates and with that you can adjust the things you are able in order to lower your premiums as much as possible without lowering your coverage.

Short On Cash? Don’t Skimp On Your Insurance

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Current figures show that there has been an alarming increase in the reduction of vehicle insurance coverage by vehicle owners trying to save some money due to the lagging economy.

This is not an illegal practice; however, engaging in this activity could end up having drastic affects should you end up in an accident.

Consider these points:

  • As more and more individuals and families cut their insurance coverage or even drop it all together, driving becomes more dangerous for all concerned.
  • If a person is driving completely uninsured, that is not only illegal but could have financial ramifications that could extend well into the future should the individual be caught without it or, even worse, cause an accident while uninsured.
  • An un-insured or underinsured driver that causes an accident could easily be putting all of his or her assets on the line. They could conceivably be forced into bankruptcy and the liquidation of all unprotected assets.

Before you lower or drop your coverage all together, think about it.

This could very easily be a life changing decision of a negative fashion and it could affect not only you, but your family and or the passengers in your vehicle. If you cause an accident, you could also affect the life and financial future of the people in the vehicle you hit.

There are ways that you can reduce your insurance premiums without reducing your coverage.

It’s a much better idea to research those options rather than endangering lives and financial futures by taking negative steps such as reducing your insurance to too low a level or dropping it totally.

Are Auto Insurance Rates Actually Declining?

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Graph Line DowInsurance rates have shown somewhat of a drop due to the price wars that are currently going on with insurance companies; however this doesn’t mean that you should feel fat, sassy and satisfied.

Keep an eye out for better insurance rates.

The more rate conscious the general public is, the lower the rates will remain, however, make sure in your comparisons that you are comparing apples to apples and not to oranges.

In other words, make sure the coverage is the same.

Many companies will try to cut corners in order to offer a really good looking deal. The old saying follows, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Because of the state of the economy, many people are out of work and still others are afraid for their current jobs.
  • As the jobless rate goes up, so does the number of uninsured motorists on the road.
  • Because of this, you will want to make sure that you are covered for uninsured motorists,
  • but also because of this, rates may begin to go back up as insurance companies deal with more and more accidents caused by uninsured motorists.

A consumer’s best advice is to learn what the insurance companies base their rate quotes on. If you can learn what the quotes are based on, you may be able to change things around in order to lower your insurance rates.

What You Need To Know About Rental Car Insurance

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V-CarWhen you go to a rental company in order to rent a car, you will invariably be offered insurance for the period of time that you are driving the car. Most people purchase it without even thinking, or thinking that if something does happen, it won’t affect their normal insurance.

Many major insurance companies offer rental car insurance as a feature of their normal packages.

This protection negates the need for policy holders to buy the more expensive insurance offered at the rental car companies. The rental car coverage may not be all you would expect it to be either, as the driver may still be held liable for expenses such as loss of income which can be quite a hefty fee as it will cover the full time the vehicle is in the repair process.

Using your own insurance company to cover you will release you from any of these worries.

They will deal with the whole process, leaving you financially unaffected.

If you are renting a vehicle in another state or another country you will want to confirm with your insurance company that you are still covered. There may be extra coverage you will want to purchase in order to make sure you are fully covered in case of an accident.

Going To College? Save Money On Car Insurance

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Doodled DesksWith young students heading to college, the burden of educational and other costs on the family budget can be heavy, especially in this time of world financial upheaval. Adding a vehicle to the expense of sending a child to college can cause even more financial stress on the family.

There are; however, ways a student can help cut the financial responsibilities to the family budget.

  • Knowing exactly how much insurance coverage is needed is one good start. Dropping unneeded coverage can help lower the insurance cost, different cars can subsist under different insurance amounts.
  • A less expensive vehicle can mean less on insurance rates due to the cost of repair or replacement.

With an older car, you may want to leave off the comprehensive and collision coverage as the repair or replacement of the car would negate any value achieved in that sort of coverage. The general practice is that cars with a value worth under $3,000.00 would not be money smart to insure with comprehensive or collision.

Money can be saved by adding the young driver to the family insurance rather than having a separate policy specifically for that individual.

The way an insurance company looks at it, an inexperienced driver living with experienced driver parents are much less of a risk for an accident. Keeping the driving record clean and the grade point average high can also have a strong effect on insurance premiums.

Don’t Listen To The Hype! Teen Driver Myths BUSTED

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TunnelThe downturn in the economy and the high cost of insuring young college bound students has been a burden that many college students and even their parents have been unwilling to bear.

The costs for a young driver’s insurance can be as much as two thousand dollars a year, even more if they have points already against them.

So these students have been driving completely uninsured. This puts them, as well as anyone in the vehicle with them or in any of the vehicles around them, at great financial and physical risk.

Comparison sites for vehicle insurance are normally free and ones that are not connected to any particular insurance company can help save their clients a large percentage on insurance.

Many young drivers believe that all of their possessions in their vehicle at the time of an accident are insured under the vehicle policy. This is not true, personal possessions are not a part of the vehicle, so therefore, they are not covered.

New cars are not always more expensive to insure, it depends on the make and model of the vehicle, the safety features and the anti-theft features. It pays to do research before purchasing a vehicle.

Vehicle owners must also be aware that the cheapest insurance is not always the best. Make sure you understand the features of each insurance quote before accepting one over all others.

It Is NEVER A Good Idea To Drive Without Insurance

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KeysDuring this strong economic downturn, more and more drivers are opting to drive without auto insurance. As long as nothing happens, including getting pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, they may find themselves saving a thousand dollars or more, however, even a minor traffic infraction will prompt a police officer to ask for proof of insurance.

When that proof is not forthcoming, the trouble and expense begins.

  • Wherever you are, if you do not have another driver with you who is insured, you may find your car being impounded.
  • You can expect punitive costs to be levied for the lack of insurance
  • You may also find your driving privileges severely restricted if not completely taken away.
  • You will also be required to present a form SR22 from the insurance company you sign up for insurance with.

The SR22 form is costly as is insurance requiring it.

This is because the insurance company is required to tell the DMV any time your SR22 insurance policy expires. If you have been caught without insurance you will be required to provide the SR22 form and to carry that type of insurance policy for a number of years.

Should you get in an accident while uninsured, your life will become very complicated very quickly.

You will be wholly and completely responsible for the damages to property and persons involved. All of your personal assets will be at risk and you may be forced into bankruptcy. In a few short seconds, your whole life can be turned into a financial nightmare.

Don’t drive without insurance, it’s not worth it.

Easy Tips To Drive Safe And Lower Your Rates

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A Windy RoadOne of the biggest driving mistakes people make is how they drive on winding roads.

They drive too fast for the road and/or for their driving abilities.

They believe they can go into the curves at a faster rate only to get scared and brake when they are actually in the curve.

Braking reduces the amount of control the driver has on the car and ensures a better chance of going out of control and into the on coming lanes.

The best way to drive through a winding road is to brake before the curve, then engage the engine lightly through the curve and add to your speed leaving the curve. As long as the engine is engaging the wheels you have more control.

Another place where people get into trouble is if their car starts skidding. Many people panic and often they let go of the wheel to cover their faces. Letting go of the wheel is the worst thing you can do.

If you are in a skid, you need to swallow your fear and concentrate on controlling the car.

In order to regain control of your vehicle, you need to steer into the skid. This means if the back end of your car is sliding towards your left, you need to turn your wheels in that direction, doing this will help regain control of your vehicle.

Learn how your car reacts to things.

The more confident control you have over your vehicle, the safer you will be on the road and the more likely you will be to avoid a possible accident due to someone else’s driving error.

This will help you keep your insurance premiums low and classify you as a low risk driver allowing you discounts and other perks.

Buying A Used Car? Your Insurance Options

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diceIf you’re about to buy a used car, be sure to know what you’re doing when you insure it. The mileage that it has on it will affect what kind of insurance you want to get, and so will the value of the car. If it’s financed, no matter what the price of the vehicle, you’ll have to get full coverage. The finance company or bank that you’re using will require it.

However, if you don’t owe anyone for the car and it’s free and clear on the title, you can only get the minimum coverage required by state law if you want to. For a very inexpensive, older car, that’s usually a great idea. Otherwise, it’s a better idea to get more insurance so that your car will be covered in an accident.

Insurance can also cover fire, theft, and glass breakage, so you’ll have to consider the value of the used car that you purchased and whether it’s a better idea to have that kind of coverage. If the car is at all expensive or it would be a serious hardship to get it fixed or replaced if something should happen to it, more coverage is a good idea. You’ll be much safer that way, and you won’t have to worry so much about what you’d do if there was a problem or how much it would cost.