Car Repair Monitoring Brings Consumer Satisfaction

It was just over a decade ago that shipping companies unveiled something innovative and utterly addicting: package-tracking information online. Using a simple tracking code, customers could view every single stop their coveted shipment made from its origin to its destination, and they could even get email alerts. Its popularity skyrocketed and it’s now a standard feature among anyone who shops online.

Enter car insurance companies. Noting how well consumers responded to features like package tracking, they’ve found a way to create their own online status-monitoring system. Several insurance companies, like online car insurance retailer eSurance, have unveiled the technology. All a customer has to do is choose an authorized repair shop and then log on at home to view the progress made on the car.

Mobile Applications and Social Connections

Tracking your car repair status is satisfying enough in its own right. We all love progress, and we are all terribly impatient when our cars are out of commission. Before the advent of the -Internet, it was merely a guessing game as to when the sigh-of-relief phone call would come from the mechanic to tell us we could have our independence back.

But car repair monitoring takes it a step further. The online repair tracking tools provided by some companies can be monitored by mobile applications on smartphones — iPhone and Android specifically — as well as any desktop with a web browser. You can even choose to see photos of each repair part so you can see for yourself what is done and what remains. That means there’s no guesswork as to what the car will look like when all is said and done, offering an even bigger sigh of relief for most drivers.

The biggest sigh of relief most customers is the ability to share this information on Facebook. Whether they’re using their smartphones or their desktop computer, customers can share status information and car photos with their Facebook friends via a built in “send to Facebook” option. This eliminates the need to answer phone calls from mom, wondering when your car will be fixed so she can have her car back.

Getting Satisfaction

They’ve done studies on the car insurance policyholders who get to track their car’s repair from start to finish. They show that customers who used car repair monitoring were up to 12 percent happier with their car’s repairs — and with their insurance company itself — than those who simply had to wait around and play the auto mechanic guessing game.

Additionally, 23 percent of users were more satisfied with the timeliness of their car’s repairs, indicating that there is something to be said for knowing exactly what is going on and why it’s taking so long (or, perhaps, not taking so long) to complete the job. People get easily frustrated with a lack of information. With an abundance of it, however, they actually start to like their cars and their insurance policies. In a world full of angry tirades against insurance companies, car repair monitoring is a refreshing fix for poor car insurance service.

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