Car Insurance Reviews – Who is the Best?

Shopping around for auto insurance involves many different aspects including finding the right amount of coverage at the cheapest rates and choosing a company that offers excellent customer service. Nevertheless, how do you know, which car insurance companies will meet your standards/criteria?

Un-biased Reviews

The best way to find out “the truth” about car insurance companies in your area is by finding out what others, who have dealt with particular insurance companies, are saying about their prices, products and services. While asking friends and family can be helpful in finding a company that will meet your insurance needs, your family and friends may only be able to offer limited advice, due to lack of experience with multiple companies. However, un-biased Car Insurance Reviews are a great way to get an honest opinion or judgment for many different companies.

It’s important to get an un-biased review from a website that isn’t tied to or affiliated with any particular insurance company or group. Therefore, look for options that claim to offer an honest, un-biased review.

Customer Reviews

The best way to ensure that you will receive unbiased reviews is by visiting car insurance review sites that also feature actual customer reviews, as well. Reading customer reviews can be a valuable tool in determining which insurance company in your area is right for you. Car insurance reviews are a great way to read negative and/or positive feedback about a particular insurance company.

Questions to be Answered by Car Insurance Reviews

Important aspects to consider (and read reviews on) prior to choosing an insurance company:

  • How long has the insurance company been doing business in your state?
  • Are there any special discounts or incentives for which you qualify?
  • Does the company have an accident forgiveness program?

Top Review/Rating Companies

A.M. Best — A.M. Best is a well-established insurance-rating and information company that started in 1899. Even to this day, A.M. Best is still the largest company to rate insurance organizations with offices located in the U.S., the U.K. and Hong Kong. The A.M. Best’s website allows visitors to view their “Ten Best Company” report and to have access to Best Direct, which is a real-time tracking service. — TopTenREVIEWS offers a helpful ranking and review system for most major insurance companies. This site is regularly updated to allow visitors to get the newest information regarding insurance providers in their area. The site rates each insurance company on four specific aspects that are important to auto insurance customers:

  1. Benefits and Discounts
  2. Customer Service and Claims Timeliness
  3. Policy Flexibility
  4. Response and Repair

In addition, this helpful review site lists quote options for each insurance company (via telephone or online), offers information for licensed area agents/representatives, explains whether the company offers comparison rate quotes and provides other valuable information about coverage benefits (e.g. – roadside assistance and rental) and discounts (e.g. – safe driver discounts, good student discounts and discounts for advanced safety features) that every policyholder should know about.

It’s difficult to find the best review source for discovering information about various car insurance companies, but by ensuring the review will be un-biased, provides actual customer reviews and explains in-depth information about each insurance company — you are guaranteed to get the most information from the best review, possible.

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