Car Insurance Comparison Websites

If you are looking for a good car insurance rate, and you have searched the internet for “car insurance,” you may overwhelmed by the number of sites you find. It seems that there are hundreds of car insurance sites, and they all claim to have the lowest prices. How do you find the right company for you without sifting through hundreds of web sites?

There are web sites which automatically compare the rates of several companies, and even allow you to do side-by-side comparisons of rates and benefits. Using a comparison website can save you time and help you make a sound decision about your insurance purchase. is a general website with a great deal of insurance information. There are sections on auto, home, life, health, and other insurance, and an application that allows you to receive a quote from 14 top-rated companies. There are also news articles on current insurance topics. Perhaps most useful, there is a section in which you can review your particular state’s insurance rules and facts before getting a quote.

Beware, however, that like all “comparison” sites, will not give you quotes from all companies. In fact, this site focuses on “independent” insurance companies, rather than the “big five.” You may not receive a quote from Allstate or State Farm, for example, but you will probably see quotes form MetLife, The Hartford, and other agencies relying on independent agents to sell their product., however, is a comparison website which will give you quotes for the larger insurance companies. Netquote utilizes a large database which not only gives quotes on auto insurance, but can also help you find business, home, life, health, and even group health policies. Netquote advertises that you can save up to $500 in one quote, receive 5 quotes with one form, and that all the top companies will be included. Nevertheless, if you have factors that make you a high-risk driver, you may receive a quote with some smaller, independent companies listed. This is because many larger carriers will decline to insure high-risk drivers, although there are companies willing to do so for a price.

If cost is your primary concern, claims that they exist only to help people save money on car insurance. The founder wanted to create a website which would focus only on price, to assist people in today’s economy in finding a policy they could afford. The site also offers tips to lower your car insurance rates, and contains articles about insurance subjects, such as explaining that most drivers are overinsured and do not get all the discount rates to which they are entitled.

This website also allows embedded advertising for other quote engines, such as, which may give you more than one comparison list with which to work. The quotes on Cheapest Car Insurance are based on your zip code. When you enter your location, a list will appear which shows the available companies for your state. Along with each company, a short list of facts about the company appear, allowing you to choose the companies you want to compare.

Unfortuantely, this site does not perform side-by-side comparisons, but takes you to each company’s website to get a quote. While this may require a bit more searching, it does benefit you in that you get a more exact quote than that provided by some of the “shotgun” approach sites. Often, consumers find that these sites do not give very exact quotes, but rather estimates based on genera l information. When the customer applies for insurance with a particular company, fees may increase (or even decrease) based on the detailed facts supplied.

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