With So Many Car Insurance Companies, How Do I Choose?

choose-car-insuranceCar insurance companies proliferate these days. With the removal all over the country of laws protecting local insurance companies, national and internet-based chains have expanded the consumer’s options immensely. All of these companies, local, national, and internet are in fierce competition for your insurance dollar. The result can be pure confusion for the inexperienced insurance shopper. Luckily there are several commonly available sources of information on insurance companies that can help you arrive at an informed decision. The key, as always, is to do your research.

Begin an insurance search by determining the type of policy you are looking for and gathering the quotes you need to narrow the list down to a few competitors. Once you have done that, take your list to the authorities. Look the companies you have chosen up on your state’s department of insurance website. Whether you are in Iowa or Ohio, you can use this resource to discover what the rate of complaint against each company is. You want an insurance company that will process your claim quickly and pay on time and in full. Try talking to local body shops that you have a relationship with. They can share their experiences with the companies in question and reveal who processes claims without a hitch and who pushes aftermarket parts. There are other resources that can reveal information about your prospective choices as well; the J.D. Power and associates ratings and the companies’ financial standings are good places to start. One other resource you might consider is an insurance agent. An agent has a vested interest in your happiness

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