Car Insurance Calculators – Top 5 Sites That Have Them

Years ago, shopping for car insurance was quite difficult. In order to compare rates, plans and discounts — consumers had to spend hours on the phone, calling multiple insurance companies to find the best option for them. Today, however, shopping for car insurance is much simpler. Aside from having access to tons of information related to car insurance, there are also helpful tools designed to make shopping for insurance — fast and easy. The newest tools for insurance shopping are car insurance calculators. Learn the top five websites that provide auto insurance calculators to comparison shoppers.

Auto insurance calculators make searching for the lowest price for insurance, so much easier. Insurance calculators can be an invaluable tool to consumers who are shopping for auto insurance. The purpose of these calculators is to provide a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay. They are a great way to compare rates from a particular company or several different insurance providers to find the best rate. In addition, to locating the most competitive rates, car insurance calculators also help consumers determine how much coverage they will need, which features are appropriate for their specific insurance needs and they provide an approximate price for what your insurance policy will cost, as well.

Top 5 Online Car Insurance Calculators

1. — The calculator at this website, requires visitors to answer a few basic questions related to their marital status, number of children they have and whether they own or rent their home. This independent auto insurance calculator also requests information about the vehicle you will be insuring, your level of education, your age and whether or not you have health insurance. The process takes less than ten minutes to compare the rates of multiple companies, at the same time. Therefore, this car insurance calculator from can save you time and money!

2. Bumper-to-Bumper Basics — Allstate Insurance provides a Bumper-to-Bumper Basics insurance calculator that allows you to calculate what your rates will be, with their company. The calculator requests a few pieces of information including information about where your vehicle will be parked, personal information about you and details about other drivers in the household, if applicable. — This option provides an independent rate quote assesment for insurance shoppers. Visitors can fill out a simple form with information about their vehicles, the drivers in their household and other information, which is used to calculate car insurance rates for multiple companies. In addition to providing an estimate of insurance rates for several different companies, the Cars Direct calculator also supplies information related to special discounts or deals that you may be eligible for, through various insurance providers.

4. The Coverage Guide — This insurance calculator from Hartford Insurance allows individuals to calculate the amount they will pay for insurance for coverage that meets their individual/household insurance needs. This auto insurance calculator uses information that you provide about any vehicles on the policy, any drivers who will be on the policy and your household income amount (including, any assets) to decide the right type of coverage for your unique insurance needs. After determining which type of policy you will need, the insurance calculator offers suggested coverage limits. Visitors to the site will then, have the option to receive a personalized quote from AARP, The Hartford.

5. Yahoo Quick Estimate – The Yahoo insurance center provides a quick and simple way to get approximate rate quotes with their Quick Estimate feature. In addition to the Quick Estimate features, visitors can receive a more, personalized rate quote with Yahoo’s Personalized Quote feature.

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