Car Insurance And DUIs

Have you recently been caught driving under the influence? If you have, you are not alone. It happens to many people across the country. We see it in the news daily. Offenders have been fined, their license has been suspended, they have probably had to pay pricey attorney fees to represent them on the matter, and then there’s the matter of insurance6their-car insurance. Because of the seriousness of the DUI offense, a lot of car insurance companies will either raise your rates substantially or either cancel your policy outright. According to them, you are now classified as a “high-risk driver.”

Evidently, most states require that the state’s vehicles agency, the DMW or MVD, provide the DUI offender with and SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate. This certificate, because it is proof of insurance, allows the offenders license suspension to be removed. Unfortunately, not all states are handy out these SR-22 policies. So if you have been caught driving under the influence, getting your license back might be more difficult then it seems. In some situations, people are reporting that their policies were simply not renewed or even canceled. This is definitely a long term consequence to consider when it comes to getting a DUI.

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