Car Insurance And Bankruptcies

Some people who find themselves in the difficult situation of having to file for bankruptcy, wonder if they can still get a good auto insurance rate. There is good news! It IS possible to find an insurance provider who won’t fault you for having declared bankruptcy in the past.

Not all insurance companies are the same however. You’ll certainly have to shop around for the best rate using a site that allows you to do side-by-side comparisons of the various options and deals each company offers. It’s likely that cutting credit cards with scissorsyour insurance premiums will be slightly higher than those who have never filed for bankruptcy, or those who have a better credit report. But, good deals are still available for you even if your credit score is not what it used to be.

There are many factors in deciding what rate you should receive from your provider, including age, type of car, etc. and there are some companies that do not even look at your credit history.

There are many companies that represents carriers which will look at past bankruptcies, online and let you search for the auto insurance provider right for you.

Don’t let your past bankruptcy keep you from good car insurance rates.

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