Can I get Auto Insurance with a Felony Conviction?

Serious accidents and mistakes such as, DUI’s leading to a felony conviction, can happen. You’ve done your time and satisfied the court, you’ve even gotten your driver’s license back. Now, you’d like to get car insurance, but how does it work when you have a felony on your record?

Auto insurance can be expensive, especially for those with a criminal conviction on their driving record. Insurance statisticians or actuaries determine insurance premiums (based on many different factors including statistics, risks, dividends and annuity rates). Therefore, actuaries use statistical analysis to calculate how much to charge to cover dangerous or risky drivers such as, felony drivers.

If you have a felony conviction on your driving record (or even a misdemeanor related to driving), it never helps to hide the facts. Many felons may consider lying about their record in order to get cheaper insurance rates. However, public record searches on the internet are making everything that we may have once, thought was private and confidential — now, open to the public. Therefore, if you have a felony conviction — getting auto insurance coverage can be complicated.

For high-risk felons, honesty is always the best way to get an insurance policy. While there is, no need to provide info that isn’t requested, if you fail to provide information about accidents involving alcohol, chargeable accidents or other accidents, especially those involving injury or death — you could be in a lot of trouble. Whether you were caught driving recklessly, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or running red lights — if you are discovered to be lying to cover up information about yourself, your insurance policy could be cancelled OR your insurance may be determined invalid by your insurance company, in the event of an accident (which could leave you paying for any injuries) OR you could be charged with fraud. If your insurance policy is canceled, for this reason — often, other insurance providers may not even think about offering you coverage, except for outrageously high rates.

While it’s important to be honest with your insurance provider, there is nothing else that will prevent those with driving felonies from getting auto insurance. Auto insurance is mandatory and while, high-risk drivers may have to pay higher rates (for at least three to five years) than most other drivers do — they still have to get auto insurance coverage, too. Therefore, if you have been convicted of a felony (while behind the wheel), in order to find the cheapest car insurance you’ll want to compare rates for several different insurance companies before making your final choice.

Comparing car insurance rates is a great way for those with a felony conviction to get the cheapest, possible rates — for them. It’s super easy to compare rates; all you need is internet access, information about the vehicle you will be driving and some personal information, as well. Remember, to be honest about your situation and while you may be considered “high risk” until you’ve completed any necessary requirements — it’s always better to be covered rather than risk driving without insurance, which can lead to losing your license OR even worse, another criminal conviction.

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