Can a Federal Employee get Insurance Discounts with Geico?

Federal employees are a valuable asset to the United States, which is why individuals who are affiliated with the federal work force are offered various discounts and benefits.  In this article, we will discuss some of those benefits and focus on special car insurance program designed for government workers, provided by GEICO Insurance.

Some cellular phone services (Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) offer discounts to government employees.  Computer manufacturers like, Apple, Dell, Gateway, HP and Microsoft allow government employee discounts for purchasing computers or computer products.  In addition, certain car rental companies (AVIS, Thrifty Car Rental and Dollar) provide a discount, as well.  There are several other benefits and savings opportunities to benefit government workers, but no other public service company has been designed primarily for the federal government, except GEICO. 

GEICO started more than 60 years ago to provide insurance to federal employees and military officers.  Moreover, while this insurance company has been serving the general public for several years, they still offer substantial discounts and other beneficial programs to federal employees.  Below, are some of the discounts and benefits that GEICO offers to government workers and people who are in the military. 

GEICO offers a discount to federal workers and employees of one of the 19 federal groups who are affiliated with GEICO.   GEICO offers two discount programs to federal employees referred to as, a Senior-Level Discount and a Federal Sponsored Marketing Discount. 

The discount for these employees can be 3% – 10% off their insurance premiums, based on the state the employee lives in.  It is important to know that combined discounts are not allowed with this offer. 

In addition to the GEICO discount offered to federal employees, this company also offers special programs that cater to government workers.  One of these programs is the GEICO Public Service Awards, which takes place every year.  GEICO appreciates federal employees who are both active and retired that have contributed to the public in some way and this program is an excellent way to show that appreciation.  The winners of the Public Service Award win a trip to Washington DC to attend the awards and a cash prize. 

Another program that GEICO supports is the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund.  This fund sponsors federal workers and their families who are interested in continuing their education and may be experiencing financial hardship.  Geico is the only corporate supporter of the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund. 

Additionally, GEICO supplies Leave Record Cards to government workers and has for more than forty years.  Government workers use these cards to keep track of holiday and leave time.  GEICO also donates several thousand car seats to be used for federal day cares and federal health fairs to benefit government employees.  GEICO also provides support to the Public Employees Roundtable, which highlights the important work done by federal employees, and Savings Bond Drives, which promote savings bonds. 

GEICO and several other companies value federal workers and military officers for their hard work and diligent service and this is shown by this company’s insurance discounts and special programs designed to help government employees.

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