Buying a new car? What about the insurance

old school carWhen I graduated from college I drove around my old car for a year or two. After I had a decent paying job, I was tired of my old car, so I decided to go and buy a new car. It was extremely exciting. I will never forget the day I signed the papers for my very first car. However, I forget what I had to do next – call the auto insurance company. I thought insuring my new car would be simple, however there were so many questions to be answered. And, there were so many things I was not sure of. If you just bought a new car and feel like I did, here are a few guidelines that can help aid you in the process of getting car insurance.

• It is free to obtain a quote for auto insurance. So, shop around. Most likely the price of your insurance will go up with a new car, but you never know.
• Get an update from your current car insurance on the new cost of your policy by giving them the details of your new vehicle.
• You can get discounts of your car insurance if your new car has safety features and/or anti-theft features.
• Know what the limits for coverage are in your state.
• When determining the amount of bodily injury liability limits, make sure you have enough to protect your personal assets.
• Evaluate how you drive – this factors into your insurance rate.

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