BMW 5 Series Car Insurance

Luxury, performance and quality – are all descriptions that are synonymous with BMW 5 Series cars. If you drive a BMW 5 Series (or are considering purchasing one), you probably already see why these words are used to describe these cars. BMW 5 Series cars are unique – and so is car insurance for these well-engineered vehicles. Continue reading to learn more about insuring a BMW 5 Series for your driving pleasure.

There are a variety of different considerations that go into calculating a car insurance quote, therefore, due to varying circumstances such as, vehicle differences or personal circumstances (the driver’s age, driving history or credit record) – it is impossible to determine how much an exact quote will be.

Insuring a BMW 5 Series involves many different factors that can affect the cost of your quote. If you are purchasing or driving a brand new 5 Series, you will find that the cost of insurance is considerably higher than insuring an average car with a cheaper sticker price. It’s virtually impossible to determine what an individual will have to pay for insuring a BMW 5, but there are general guidelines to provide you with an estimated range.

Crash Test Ratings & Safety Features

Crash test ratings for a vehicle are influential in determining a person’s car insurance rates – another win for BMW 5 Series owners. Typically, the safer the vehicle is for its passengers, the cheaper the insurance costs will be. The BMW 5 Series scored three out of five stars in frontal crash tests and a passenger rating of five out of five for frontal impacts. The 5 Series also received a perfect score for side impacts – for all passengers. This vehicle also scored a four out of five stars in rollovers, which means this vehicle is safer in the event of a rollover.

The safety features on a vehicle can greatly affect the owner’s premium, which is good news to BMW 5 Series drivers. As a general rule, the more safety features that are installed in a vehicle – the cheaper the car insurance will be, as a result of safety discounts offered by most car insurance companies. BMW 5 Series cars offer a variety of available safety features to choose from, including:

  • ·Airbags (side, front and head)
  • ·Automatic Crash Notifying Systems
  • ·Child Seat Anchors
  • ·Dynamic Head Restraints
  • ·Electronic Stability Control
  • ·4 Wheel ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes)
  • ·Rear Seat Head Restraints
  • ·Seat Belt Tensioners
  • ·Tire Pressure Monitoring &
  • ·Traction Control

While the cost of insuring a BMW 5 Series is generally, more expensive than the cost of insuring an average car – these available safety features offer 5 Series drivers a way to save money on their premium through substantial car insurance discounts. However, each insurance company has different methods for calculating these discounts and the final rate, therefore, it is important to shop around and compare prices from several different companies to find the best rate for your BMW 5 Series.

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