The Best Liability Policy Limits

best-liability-policyStates do have their minimum amount requirement for insurance, however; that amount is generally considered insufficient to cover realistic damages that occur in an accident, both bodily injury and property damage. Insurance companies are more inclined to suggest more complete coverage of 100/300/100. meaning; 100,000, 300,000 and 100,000.

Injury treatment tends to be very similar in cost throughout the states, as such, you will want to take more into consideration your driving habits and record when procuring your automobile insurance. If you are in an area where property damage could easily overrun your limits, you may want to reconsider your limits so you can be sure you are fully covered (for instance in some areas, landscape alone could have a value over your limit). You will also want to take into consideration your own ability to cover any of the bodily injury or property damage overages that might occur.

When you are considering your coverage amounts, you will also want to be sure you are covered for uninsured motorist. Some policies automatically contain it and others don’t, this will help in determination as to which policy best fits all of your needs.

Some companies offer accident forgiveness, this feature can add more to your coverage cost, but if you seem to be somewhat prone to accidents, this may be a very viable coverage option for you. Another thing to prepare for and look into if you have children is the ‘good student’ discount. If your son or daughter has a ‘B’ or above average, you may get anywhere between a five and twenty-five percent discount, just another good reason to support your child in school.

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