Best AIU Auto Insurance Company Specials

Founded in 1851, the American International Insurance Company started by offering property and surety insurance. It officially became known as AIU Insurance Company in 1976. Currently operating on a global basis, the company now operates under the name of Chartis.

Global Leader

Chartis is proud to have more than 70 million clients located around the world. They offer business and personal insurance services aimed at helping people protect the property they value.

Financial Strength

Chartis is a strong company. Their international sales outside of the United States and Canada in 2010 were in excess of fourteen billion. Domestic and Canadian net premiums written in 2010 totaled more than seventeen billion. The current A.M. Best rating of Excellent stands as further testament to the company’s financial strength.

Additional Products

In addition to auto insurance, Chartis also offer plans for accidents, health, home, property and travel. The company caters to businesses with a full line of commercial products, as well.

Private Client Group

A special offering from Chartis, this insurance product provides coverage for all the major assets a family might own. These include vehicles, homes, boats, collectibles and valuables. This policy is specifically designed for high-valued homes, custom jewelry and luxury autos. Added liability protection, international insurance and options for home offices are also available.

Worldwide Coverage

Because the company operates on a global basis, they are able to provide insurance coverage to customers all around the world. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone who travels extensively.

Types of Vehicles

Chartis is happy to insure almost anything that can be driven. Their customers can take advantage of insurance for their daily drivers, collectible cars and even motorcycles.

Agreed Upon Value

Most companies pay based on the fair market value or depreciated value. Chartis pays based on a value that is predetermined at the onset of the policy and agreed upon by both parties.

High Limits

Chartis offers some of the highest liability limits available. They will provide customers with up to one million dollars in coverage per occurrence. Umbrella liability insurance is available with limits as high as $150 million.

Excess Liability

When the insurance maximum coverage level is reached, most people find that they are personally responsible for any excess damages. Chartis believes in providing the highest quality coverage, so they offer excess liability coverage. These higher limits are designed for people with a greater amount of assets. After the homeowners or auto liability levels are depleted, the excess will still be available for use.

High Deductibles

Chartis offers customers the opportunity to save more on monthly premiums by choosing extremely high deductibles, up to $10,000. Ideal for high ticket items and only recommended if the liquid assets to cover it are available, this can offer a valuable savings on some policies.

Available Options

Staying in line with other insurance companies, Chartis offers some attractive available options. They provide customers with high liability limits for added protection, a new car replacement programs, free towing and reimbursement for rental cars.

Customer Contact

This insurance provider has not yet embraced technology and all the benefits afforded by the Internet. Contacting them for a quote requires contacting the company by phone to speak to an agent.

Chartis is committed to providing flexible insurance policies that are custom-tailored to meet the demands of your lifestyle. Rates are competitive and the protection levels exceed those offered by most companies. Although quotes are not available through the Internet, Chartis is the company to call when you have a vast estate and great wealth to protect.

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