Battle of the Driving Sexes: Winner Gets the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes

For years, women have been battling the stereotype that they are horrible and unsafe drivers. Not only does this stereotype affect women and their driving abilities, but it may also be wrong. More evidence is surfacing that proves that female drivers are no worse than males.

A UK-based insurance company researched the difference and similarities between men and women drivers and concluded that men actually have larger, more serious car crashes, resulting in higher insurance claims. The insurance company focused on 200,000 claims and found that accidents involving men under the age of 25 cost 15 percent more than accidents involving 25-year-old women. A British safety group also pointed out that one in 60 male drivers is involved in an accident that results in either injury or death.

Additionally, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out that there are more fatalities annually among men than women. Their data shows that in 2009, 23,726 male drivers died versus 10,070 female drivers.

What Do Insurance Companies See?

Insurance companies have gathered statistics based on car accident claims and have concluded that accidents cause by women typically stem from distracted driving. Men are more likely to be involved in car crashes that are the result of deliberate, risk-taking behaviors like aggressive driving or speeding, resulting in a 27 percent more likely chance that they are at fault.

Under the age of 21, women have significantly lower car insurance rates than men. Accidents caused by women are less severe than those caused by men, so the insurance companies do not have to pay out as much in their claims. Men may also purchase faster, more expensive cars, which ultimately cost more to repair. Women are also more likely to pay their premiums on time and not miss a payment.

Difference between Men and Women?

Driving is skill-based. The vehicle has no idea if a man or a woman is pushing on the gas pedal. Males tend to be riskier when behind the wheel, especially men between the ages of 16 and 25 who are most likely to be in an accident or pulled over for violating traffic rules. Men typically drive faster, tail other cars, drive without seatbelts and operate the vehicle while drinking. Females, on the other hand, are less likely to test their limits and they take instruction better from others. More importantly, women are more likely to admit when they are wrong or when they didn’t know something about the road or their vehicle. Men, conversely, tend to think of themselves as superior and above average in terms of their driving skills. This overconfidence leads to dangerous driving.

As of right now, we cannot conclude if men or women are better drivers; the results simply tell us that both sexes have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to driving. We can tell you, however, than women are more likely to get the best rate when they compare car insurance quotes.


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