Ballparks And Disneyland: The Different Models Of Auto Insurance

ballpark-auto-insuranceEveryone knows someone who is afraid of flying. They avoid planes, preferring to drive or take alternative transportation. Maybe you are this person. However, given the statistics, this is an odd principle to live by. After all, fewer accidents happen in planes. This is one of the reasons why most states require auto insurance. Depending on where you live, though, different models of auto insurance apply.

The first model of auto insurance is called the ballpark model. Did you realize that every time you attend a baseball game you put yourself at risk for injury from a baseball or a bat that might fall into the crowd? Maybe, but you probably didn’t consider the risk thoroughly when you attended that recent ball game. And, it’s not like you have insurance to cover your ballpark injuries. In a similar manner, when the ballpark model is applied to auto insurance, those on the road are merely participants in the traffic and they put themselves at risk for accident. It is up to them whether or not they want insurance.

Another model commonly used in auto insurance is the Disneyland model. When you are riding Space Mountain at Disneyland and something happens, Disneyland is liable. You paid for admission and it was their ride that malfunctioned. When the Disneyland model is applied to the road, you were simply granted admission to the road. Anything that happened and therefore caused you injury is now the liability of the responsible party and hopefully their insurance.

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