Automobile Insurance Coverage from American Commerce

American Commerce Insurance Company opened its doors in 1946. The agency has always focused on providing the highest level of customer service. Listening to their clients throughout the years and responding to their requests, the company now offers products that are in high demand.

Size and Ratings

A financially sound provider, American Commerce has been rated Superior by A.M. Best for its excellent fiscal decisions and high equity levels. Standard & Poor’s rates the insurance agency as stable, indicating that the company will be able to continue providing coverage in the coming years.

One of the oldest insurance companies in the world; they have nearly 51,000 agents working with drivers in 43 countries. They are currently the largest provider in Latin America and the tenth most popular agency in Europe.


Their global representatives are available to help you get the right coverage for your needs. They will step you through the options available and answer any questions you may have about the company, the different programs and qualifying discounts.

Auto Insurance

Covering a range of vehicles, they insure passenger and conversion vehicles, classic autos, exhibition pieces and even golf carts. These policies offer several attractive features. The AutoMaster Plus program provides standard coverage, extended protection and security for personal items like cell phones, laptops and child seats. This plan also offers glass replacement, death benefits and will reimburse you for some vet bills should your pet be involved in an accident.

A Peace of Mind package provides accident forgiveness, a deductible credit or the chance to lower the deductible by effectively avoiding accidents. An optional upgrade, there are extra fees associated with this service.

New Car Enhanced Coverage Option ensures that your car will be replaced with a new auto of the same make and model should it be declared a total loss. Age requirements exist for any vehicle that is a part of the program. The company does offer plans for towing and rental expenses, as well.


ATV’s, snowmobiles and motorcycles need high quality insurance. American Commerce provides coverage for most specialty vehicles including sport bikes, touring and dirt bikes, scooters and mopeds. The Peace of Mind package is available for your off-road and street legal motorcycles, giving riders the chance to lower their deductible and enjoy Accident Forgiveness.

Recreational Vehicles

Specialized vehicles need unique coverage. American Commerce will protect motorhomes of all body types and sizes. Recreational trailers, pick-up campers, pop-up tents, utility and watercraft trailers can also be covered by the company.

Most insurance companies automatically protect a towed vehicle while it is on the road. American Commerce takes it one step further by providing general liability coverage even when the RV is being used as a home while on vacation.

You can take advantage of the Emergency Expense Allowance should your motorhome become seriously damaged when you are staying in it more than fifty miles away from home. This would include taking care of payments for hotel expenses and transportation fees you might incur as a result.

Recreational vehicles typically have features that most insurance companies won’t safeguard. Replacement Cost Personal Effects coverage will reimburse you for household furnishings, antennas, awnings and cabanas that might become damaged in an accident or storm.

The company offers Total Loss Replacement Cost Coverage so you can replace your motorhome with a comparable one or receive a settlement equal to the purchase price. There are qualifying age requirements for any RV that is part of this program.


Special savings are available for clients who buy before their other policy expires, take defensive driver classes or pay their policy in full at the start of the term. Loyal customers are rewarded with lower premiums, as well as good students, homeowners and people with multiple policies. One easy way to save money with American Commerce is to sign up for payments made by electronic funds transfer.

Other Products

American Commerce will provide you with the insurance you need for your single family home or condo. Renters can get the backing they need to safeguard their personal property. Identity theft protection is available, as well as umbrella coverage that will help secure all your assets.

American Commerce Insurance Company is a solid company that is financially stable. Taking pride in offering superior customer service, they have twenty-four hour claims services. Providing a good range of products and attractive discounts, they are worth taking a closer look at when receiving quotes. Be sure to look at the final price offered after all special packages are chosen and discounts are applied before making a final decision on your next insurance policy.

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