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Founded in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in 1916, Auto-Owner’s Insurance has grown to include more than 3,800 employees and currently operates in 26 states. Sales are driven through an extensive team of independent agents. A solid company, they offer high ratings for financials and customer service, as well as attractive policy offerings and competitive prices.

Ratings and Financial Information

One of the top concerns when purchasing insurance is making sure the company is financially sound. Auto-Owner’s has an A++, the highest rating available from A.M. Best Company. At the close of the 2010 fiscal year, they had more than six billion in capital and surplus, confirming that the company possesses the necessary liquid assets to take care of the nearly $4.5 billion they have in net premiums.

Customer Service

With a strong commitment to customer service, Auto-Owners has earned high ratings from JDPower. They are given four stars for overall satisfaction, policy offerings, pricing and ease of contact. Their billing and payment rating was slightly lower, although the company does accept payments online, over the phone and through the mail.

Policy Offerings

Auto-Owners provides insurance coverage for more than just your personal auto. Owners of motor homes and travel trailers will be happy to know that their recreational vehicles can be protected with the same company that insures their vehicle. Antique cars and even converted or modified autos qualify for coverage as well as motorcycles and mopeds.

Other Safeguards

In addition to protecting all your transportation vehicles, regardless of what they might be, Auto-Owners will provide you with protection for your single-family dwelling, condo or mobile home. Life insurance is available, as well as disability insurance and long-term care insurance. An umbrella policy will help you shield all of your assets from lawsuits. Business people can also find the protection they need for companies of all sizes.


Liability, collision and comprehensive are just the beginning of the available coverages with Auto-Owner’s. They also have rental car and full glass coverage. They will protect your finances with lease and loan gap coverage and will even cover the medical care for a pet that’s hurt in an accident.


Multiple discount opportunities allow you to save more money on your regular premiums. Here are some of the other discounts you can take advantage of with this company.

• Multiple Policy – Couple your auto insurance with any other offering from the company and enjoy discounts on both coverages.
• Safe Drivers – Maintain a record that is free of accidents or tickets to take advantage of more savings.
• Students – There are a few ways for students to receive lower rates. Good grades of a “B” or higher can earn your teenager up to twenty percent off. Students who are more than one hundred miles away at school with no car will also enjoy lower prices. Finally, there is a system that will permanently install a GPS into the car run by the teenager. Agreeing to have this monitoring system in place will result in a handsome discount, as well as peace of mid for you.
• Safety Features – Safe cars are known for netting better insurance premiums. Look specifically for anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-theft devices save money.
• Paid-in-Full – Monthly payments are available, but choosing to pay your account in full at the beginning of each term will provide you with a five percent to eleven percent savings.
• Go Green – This change doesn’t involve your miles-per-gallon rating; it’s all about how you share information with the company. When you agree to take it green, you are agreeing to a paperless policy. All documents are sent electronically and are available through the company website. In exchange for helping the environment and allowing the company to lower costs, you will be rewarded with lower premiums.

Honest Values

In this age of disappearing values, many people are interested in doing business with companies they can trust. Auto-Owner’s Insurance focuses heavily on traditional values such as honesty, hard work and loyalty. They strive to build a relationship with each customer by providing them with agents and employees that work as a team. They still put the customer first and have a history of stability and consistency so you can feel good about trusting them with your protection needs.

State Availability

Auto-Owner’s is a solid company, but they’re not available in all states. Here is the list of the states where you can choose this provider: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Auto-Owners is one of the highest ranked insurance providers in the nation. While they are not available in all states, they are certainly worth a closer look if you live in one of the areas they are licensed in. Take advantage of their policy offerings and pricing to start saving money on your auto insurance.

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