Is Auto Insurance Required In All States?

state-auto-insurance-requirementsIn short, no. Auto insurance is not required in New Hampshire, Tennessee, and a couple of other states. However, you have to provide proof of financial responsibility, and you often have to have uninsured motorists coverage. As for things like PIP and liability, though, these states don’t require them. All other states want you to have some type of liability coverage, and most also ask for PIP, uninsured motorist coverage, and other specifics.

The amount of protection you have to have as a dollar figure also varies between states. Some states might require ten thousand dollars worth of PIP, for example, and other states might require twenty-five thousand, so it’s important to see what the requirements are where you live.

You definitely don’t want to go along without any insurance in a state that requires it. Even if you don’t have to have it, though, it’s a good idea because of the financial implications. If you have no insurance and are involved in an accident, who will pay to fix your vehicle? Who will cover your medical bills? Getting away with the cheapest choices are not always the best choices, and even though you aren’t required to carry a lot of insurance in some states you’ll be glad that you have it if you ever need it. It’s usually a pretty good investment.

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