Auto Insurance Rates For Dentists

Shopping for the best car insurance rates is a daily chore for the average driver. Most people are looking for the best rates from an economical standpoint, while others are more interested in benefits that fit their driving habits. In the quest for finding the best auto insurance rate, one question is always prevalently asked by the agent; that is, “What is your occupation?”

Independent research has been conducted with the use of this information to adjust the auto insurance rates of those in certain occupations. Dentists are one of those occupations where rates are set slightly higher than that of other occupations due to their higher income bracket. Dentists, as well as doctors are prone to driving more extravagant vehicles, such as luxury cars, SUVs and sports cars. For these reasons the insurance industry sets an increased rate.

Along with these increased rates are a host of car insurance companies that offer not only the best rates for dentists, but the greatest benefits for the money. These companies are considered giants in the industry and are often seen in advertisements. Below are the top four auto insurance companies that offer some of the best rates, impressive features and quality customer service for dentists:

1. The 21st Century Car Insurance Company

The 21st Century Car Insurance Company is affiliated with several underwriting auto insurance companies in a variety of states throughout the country. One of their main affiliations is with AIG, known as the “insurance giant.” Even though 21st Century Car Insurance is nationally available, some states offer purchase of a policy only online.

When an auto insurance policy is purchased through 21st Century Car insurance, as a dentist you will enjoy the benefit of emergency travel, medical assistance and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. You will appreciate the fact that the 21st Century prices are quite comparable to some of the other discounted auto insurance policies. In order to get quotes, their website is user-friendly and suggests the appropriate coverage for your vehicle.

It is evident that every person’s insurance need is different and some will require a higher level of service than others. It is recommended that prior to choosing any auto insurance company focus should be placed on the details of the policy, rather than on the rate. It is wise to be sure that your policy covers all that you’ve intended it to cover.

2. AAA Car Insurance Company

The AAA Car Insurance Company exhibits a hefty presence in the U.S. This is due to the familiarity with its roadside service plans. AAA auto companies are found throughout the country by geographic region.

The AAA Car Insurance Company is proud to offer benefits to dentists that allow for a 12-month policy, while other auto insurance companies offer 6-month policies. You are privileged to enjoy a 5% savings for paying your policy in full, with other flexible payment options.

Upgrades can also be purchased with your AAA auto insurance policy that allows you to have a rental car for the duration of repairing your vehicle after an accident. The usual limit on the use of a rental car after an accident is about 30 days.

An exclusive upgrade allows for replacement of your vehicle should damages be considered a total loss during your first year of coverage. When you purchase the optional gap coverage, AAA will issue a check to your financing company for your loan balance if you owe more than your car is worth.

3. The ACE Car Insurance Company

This Zurich, Switzerland based auto insurance company specializes in high-risk commercial insurance. Upon request, ACE offers several beneficial discounts for dentists. When you insure more than one vehicle you can take advantage of multiple vehicle discounts. A safety discount is applied if your car has features like, anti-lock brakes, airbags or automatic seat belts. A great discount is offered if you insure your home and cars on the same policy. More money can be saved if your car is equipped with an alarm or any other anti-theft device.

An extra coverage option offered by ACE includes medical payments coverage. In case you or your passengers are injured or killed in an accident that occurred in your car, this coverage will pay both the medical and funeral expenses even if you’re found at-fault. This coverage is also significant if an accident occurs when you are in someone else’s vehicle or if you are hit while walking.

4. The AIS Car Insurance Company

As a key player in the Northeastern auto insurance market, AIS Car Insurance Company issues policies to individuals and businesses in the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey areas. An AIS Standard California auto insurance policy is filled with several impressive features for dentists:

-Liability for bodily injury

-Liability for property damage

-Payments for medical expenses

-Coverage for uninsured motorists

-Coverage for collision

-Coverage for physical damage

-Customer Service of the AIS Quality

Your AIS car insurance policy can be adjusted online by submission of the proper forms. Claims reporting and payments may also be addressed online and you can speak to a real customer service rep every day of the week, if necessary. AIS allows access to a representative by message request and other useful information regarding insurance is available on the AIS blog.

In addition, AIS offers mechanical breakdown coverage that gets your vehicle repaired during a mechanical malfunction. Roadside assistance coverage is available and crucial, especially for those nighttime mishaps. The Mexico Vehicle coverage allows for by-the-day policies for lengthy trips.

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