Auto Insurance Comparisons – What Information Will You Need?

Comparing auto insurance rates is a smart thing to do — not only to get the cheapest rate, but also to find the best plan for you. In the following information, we will explain what you will need to compare auto insurance rates and plans.

The process of comparing rates is simple. The first step is to choose a comparison website. When you have selected a website, you will be required to fill out a form that requests some information about you, the other drivers in your household and any automobiles that will be listed on the policy.

The most efficient way to compare auto insurance quotes is to make sure that you have all of the information you need before getting started.

Before you begin, you’ll be required to have the following information:

  • Your primary e-mail address – A valid email address will be required, in order to receive your quotes.
  • Your home address – Comparison sites need to have the address of where the car will be garaged or parked, in order to deliver the most accurate rate quote.
  • Personal information about each of the drivers that will be included on the policy – For each driver in your household, you will need to list personal information including their names, gender and age.
  • Driving information for all drivers that will be listed on the policy – You will need to have information regarding each driver’s history for the past five years. This includes whether or not they have had a violation or accident in the last five. If any drivers have had a violation, you will need to have the details of any violation(s) including the type of violation, the date of the violation and occasionally, any penalties that resulted from the violation, as well (e.g. – for infractions such as, a DUI or reckless driving). If any drivers who live in the household have been involved in an accident, in the past five years — you will have to state whether or not you (or members of your household) were determined to be, at fault for the accident.
  • Current insurance information -The name of your existing insurance provider and the amount of time you will have been insured under your current policy. In addition, you will need to know the type of coverage you currently have, your liability amounts, deductible amount and whether or not you have collision coverage. If you have not carried insurance, you may be viewed as more of a risk by insurance companies, which could increase your premium amount.

Warning: Some comparison sites request the social security number for all drivers (in order to check on previous driving violations). However, you should never have to enter your SSN to receive quotes. Therefore, if a website asks for this information, you may want to avoid getting quotes from that site, in order to protect your privacy.

It helps to be prepared, especially when comparing car insurance quotes. By staying organized, you will speed up the comparison process, which leads to finding the cheapest quotes and the best plans, in most efficient way.

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