Auto Insurance Companies Vary – Do Your Research

Do you remember the time you purchased your first car?? The thrill you received when you drove it off the lot and it was yours. Hooray! Nothing could take away from your excitement. Until you realized you had to get your car insured. What were you going to do? You had to make sure that prized possession of yours was protected against any future harm, however those online surveys about coverage options just seemed confusing and talking to agents did not seem to help either. Shouldn’t they offer a course in car insurance?

Here are a few helpful hints that will help you when doing your research to find the perfect car insurance to suit your needs. There are a lot of options out there and different types of coverage for your vehicle.

Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance: This type of coverage is the most expensive, however most common. It does what the title suggests – insures the car against all types of claims from theft to accident.

Third Party, Fire & Theft: This coverage is popular among people who have already paid off their car loan. It covers, fire & theft, however if you are involved in an accident the insurance company is only required to pay out if you are at fault.

• Third Party Insurance: This covers an accident when you are at fault.

With this information you can correctly choose which type of coverage would be best suited for your needs.
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