Auto Insurance Agents in California – Where do you Start Looking?

California drivers understand the importance of finding cheap car insurance. Many California residents are dealing with factors such as, driving long commutes to and from work, the increase of the gas prices and for the most part, higher than average insurance premiums. However, there are several steps that drivers in this state can take to get the cheapest car insurance in California.

Bare Minimum Coverage in CA

The lowest amount of auto insurance coverage any California resident can have is mandated by California state law. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle in California is required to have a minimum of 15/30/5 liability coverage. What that means, is that in order to be legal to drive on California roads, one must maintain a minimum liability insurance policy of $15,000 (bodily injury coverage, per person), $30,000 (bodily injury coverage, per accident) and $5,000 (property damage liability). While 15/30/5 is the minimum coverage, it’s important to remember that auto insurance is for your protection. Therefore, getting additional coverage (i.e. – comprehensive/collision coverage) should always be carefully considered. However, even if you are getting just the minimum coverage required by law, it is still important to get the best price possible.

Ways to get Cheap Car Insurance in California

Getting the cheapest price for California auto insurance is easy, it just requires a little research, taking the time to answer a few questions and possibly making some changes to your existing policy.

  • Compare, Compare, Compare – In order to get the cheapest price for California car insurance, it helps to shop around and compare quotes from several different companies. Comparing car insurance rates can be done using various methods. The most popular method recently has become comparing quotes online. While online insurance shoppers can request rates from each insurance company, individually, the easiest way to compare auto insurance rates is by comparing multiple quotes, at the same time (with one form to fill out). The other method is to fill out a rate quote form for each insurance company and compare the rates either over the phone or by filling out an online form.

Tip: To get the most accurate comparison, be sure to enter the same information, each time you fill out a rate quote comparison form.

  • Raise your Deductible – The deductible amount is the amount you need to pay, in the event of a claim, before your insurance will pay their portion. If you can afford to pay a higher deductible, in the event of an accident — consider increasing your deductible to get lower insurance rates. For cheaper rates, experts recommend deductibles of $500 to $1,000 (or higher, but only if the deductible amount is manageable, in case of an accident).
  • Get Every Discount – While some insurance companies, like State Farm offer a Discount Double Check program to automatically ensure you’re getting every possible discount, other providers require a little digging. If you want to make sure, you’re getting the maximum amount of discounts, simply call or visit your existing provider and ask them to check it out for you.

Finding the cheapest car insurance in California is a great way to save a lot of money in the coming year. Follow these simple tips to get cheap car insurance in the “Golden State” of California.

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