At 25, Your Car Insurance Rates Should Become Lower

black compact carTwenty-five is a great number. When you see it you might think of a quarter or you might reminisce about your twenty-fifth birthday. Turning twenty-five is great for so many reasons. For some people, they have their quarter life crisis. Others, however, embrace being alive for twenty-five years and feel like for the first time they are finally becoming their own. By this time most people have graduated college. They have jobs. Basically, they are responsible. And, they are beginning to figure out life on their own. Maybe this is why when you are twenty-five your car insurance rates drop and you can finally rent a car.

Why twenty-five? Some would argue it makes more sense to lower the rates at twenty-six when you have been driving for ten years. However, according to insurance companies, from a statistical standpoint, at age twenty-five this is when all drivers ultimately become a lot safer on the road. They use every piece of data possible to determine these facts and, apparently, nine years is all we need on the road to become safe drivers.

So, if you have not turned twenty-five yet, you have something to look forward to. Twenty-five is definitely a milestone birthday for many, many reasons.

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