Are You A High Risk Driver?

Car wreckKnowing whether you’re a high risk driver can be important, especially when you’re shopping for auto insurance. You don’t want any nasty surprises, and if you’re aware of your high risk status the prices you’re quoted when you shop for auto insurance won’t come as too much of a shock for you.

High risk drivers include teenagers, because they lack the experience that is really needed to be as safe as possible in every driving situation. Another high risk group, in the eyes of some insurance companies, is the elderly. A lot of companies think that the reflexes and eyesight of this group aren’t as good, so they brand them as high risk.

For people who fall between these age groups, there are specific things that make a person high risk. One of these is divorce, and divorced people’s rates are higher. Other issues that can raise rates are certain medical conditions like epilepsy, past tickets and accidents, and alcohol or substance abuse. If you have a poor driving record from the past, insurance companies are going to assume that you’ll continue that behavior in the future, and that makes you high risk. Past suspension or revocation of license is a problem for most insurance companies, as well. That doesn’t mean you can’t get insurance, but you can generally expect to have a harder time finding it and you can also expect to pay more for it.

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