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If you are searching the cheapest auto insurance rates, you may want to consider getting a quote from a well-established company, like, Allianz Car Insurance Company. Allianz auto insurance is available in eleven states in the US, with headquarters in Munich, Germany. This company provides insurance coverage, internationally (in over 70 countries). Allianz has become an established insurance company due to the fact that it has been providing insurance since the late 1800’s, but the question on the minds of car insurance shoppers has more to do with rates rather than reputation.

Insurance rates for Allianz (and any other insurance company) are based are a number of different factors such as, vehicle information and personal information including where the policyholder lives, the function of the vehicle and their age and gender. Therefore, it may be difficult to determine whether every person will get cheaper rates. However, those shopping for car insurance can look at a company’s available discounts to find out if they will qualify for any extra savings.

Allianz Car Insurance offers many substantial discounts to their customers, which is an excellent way to get cheaper rates. There are several insurance discounts from Allianz including safe driver discounts, loyalty discounts (insured through the same company for five years or more), drivers over thirty discounts and more. In addition to these discounts, Allianz provides their customers with a rental car for up to 14 days for policyholders whose car has been stolen and not recovered, as well as, providing legal liability that extends to a maximum of $20 million.

Allianz offers fast, easy quotes online or if you don’t want to go online, anyone purchasing a policy over the phone or in person, will have an agent who will work with them, personally, to ensure that they are getting the best policies for them, at the cheapest rates. In addition, this company offers customers the opportunity to make claims at a nearby location, over the phone and online, as well.

Allianz auto insurance is available in various parts of the world (including Australia, Ireland and most of the UK). Allianz is also available in eleven states in the US, including, Texas, Tennessee, Oregon, Ohio, Missouri, Maryland, Kansas, Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona. Therefore, there are many locations all around the United States that offer Allianz insurance, as well as, internationally where individuals can get reliable insurance service.

In History: Allianz Auto Insurance was the insurance provider for the first, legendary flight of the Wright Brother’s.

Allianz has been around for more than 100 years for many reasons including their fast, easy claims process, the quality of their customer service and their affordable prices, as well as, their multiple discounts, too. When searching for an insurance company, it’s comforting to know that you’re choosing a reputable company, like Allianz that offers cheap rates and discounts for those who qualify. While the price of a person’s premium is based on many different factors — when compared to most other insurance companies, Allianz offers competitive rates to its wide customer base.

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  1. obeid shaikh Says:

    I would like an auto inssutance quote for my Mercedes A260, YEAR 2000, driving in GE back and forth to work = 20 KMs /day, Alram system, Antilock brakes, one driver- no accidents Or claims.
    Presently insurance : ALLIANZ in Luxembourg, ins. expires NOV 2011

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