AIS Car Insurance Overview

AIS has been operating in the state of California for more than forty years. They will provide customers with quotes over the phone or the Internet. Customers who are interested in taking advantage of the products offered by AIS Insurance Group can also visit one of their 23 area offices in the state.

Free Quotes

In addition to providing a quote for their coverage, AIS will also provide quotes from the competitors. This allows for quick comparison of companies and coverages. It is important to consider the coverage levels you are interested in before obtaining a quote, as that can greatly impact the final premium. Consider choosing a higher deductible amount to save more money on the premium.


AIS offers coverage in all the standard areas that are necessary to adequately protect yourself and your assets.

• Bodily injury liability coverage will pay for injuries sustained by other parties should you cause an accident. It does not pay for your own medical bills.
• Property damage liability will take care of damages to property other than your own. It will not pay for damages to your own car or property.
• Medical payments are necessary to cover your own medical bills, especially if you do not have health insurance.
• Uninsured motorists coverage will ensure that your car is fixed if the person that hits you does not carry any insurance coverage.
• Collision coverage is what will be needed to fix your own car after an accident that you caused.
• Comprehensive coverage takes care of everything else, including theft, vandalism and damages that result from storms.

Online Services

AIS wants their customers to have a good experience. They provide their customers with the ability to print ID cards online and representatives are available seven days a week to help you further.

Other Services

Most good insurance companies offer more than just auto insurance, and AIS is no exception. Customers can also travel with confidence knowing that they have roadside assistance for breakdowns, flat tires and other problems. Mechanical breakdown coverage will provide funds to get the car repaired should it have engine problems.

Drivers can also get temporary insurance to keep them covered should they decide to take a trip over the border into Mexico. The company also offers gap coverage for financed cars and towing to provide you with peace of mind.


AIS provides a complete list of insurance protection. In addition to insuring your car or motorcycle, here is a list of the other assets that can be insured with AIS.

• Classic cars
• Homes: single-family homes, condos and rentals
• Life
• Health
• Business
• Recreational Vehicles, including boats and motorhomes


It’s important for you to save money on your insurance premium. One way to do this is by taking advantage of some of the discounts offered by AIS. Here are the discounts that are offered for their customer’s convenience.

• Multiple cars – If you own and insure more than two vehicles you can qualify for up to 15% off your premium.
• Good drivers – Maintain a clean driving record and enjoy up to 20% off on your insurance costs.
• Anti-theft device – If you car has an alarm, ask for this discount and save up to 2%.
• Good student- Responsible kids are usually responsible drivers and can enjoy up to 30% off on their premiums.
• Multiple Policy – Insure your home along with your car and take up to 15% off both policies.
• Mature driver – People over the age of 55 can take up to 5% off their driving premium.
• Group discounts – Talk to your agent about your profession. Doctors, scientists, teachers and other professionals qualify for discounts up to 15% with AIS.

AIS is a solid company with a long history. They are not nationwide, so only residents of California can take advantage of their policy offerings. However, they can help you save money while providing you with quality insurance coverage.

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