Exciting Advances In Auto Security

auto-securityCar alarms have come a long way since the days when a loud beeping would begin if a burglar broke into your car. Though such alarms may have scared off an intruder for fear of being caught in the act, they did little else but cause a loud disturbance to the neighborhood. Nowadays car security systems have reached a whole new level with the Lo-Jack system.

Lo-Jack employs technology that not only alerts audibly, if chosen, an intruder in the vehicle, but also acts as a GPS locating system that tracks the vehicle as it is moved to a new location, sends an email and/or text message to the owner of the vehicle alerting them to the car’s change in location, and even notifies law enforcement if that option is chosen on an individual plan. Not only does this help to guard against theft or damage in the first place, but it also aids law enforcement in apprehending would-be car thieves and returning stolen property to its rightful owner.

Auto insurance companies also offer lower rates in some cases when a Lo-Jack system is used in a vehicle, citing lower risk of loss or damage to insured vehicles. As the technology becomes more mainstream and costs level off, this system will likely replace the outdated siren alarms of yesterday, offering greater security, less concern about theft, and ultimately peace of mind for consumers.

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