Acquiring Insurance for Domestic Partners

Domestic partners are beginning to have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the privileges that had previously only been available to legally married individuals. With new domestic partner legislation being passed in states across the nation, more people can legally combine their finances into regular households.

More Availability with Legalized Partnerships in Some States

Prior to the legalization of domestic partnerships, two grown adults living in the same home could not be included on the same insurance policy. In areas where partnerships are legal now, most car insurance companies stipulate that everyone on the same car insurance policy must be related by blood or by marriage.

In these states, car insurance companies are not required to consider domestic partners as members of the same family. Partners living in these states will have a more difficult time tracking down car insurance that will allow them to be included on the same policy. Still, some car insurance companies include domestic partnerships as part of their regular business practices no matter what state they are located in.

Even though domestic partnerships are not recognized as traditional marriages in every state, they are legally binding relationships entitled to the financial benefits that married couples enjoy. Each state that has passed domestic partnership laws carries different regulations regarding the partnerships, though, so you might need to check into the details for your state before you begin trying to purchase a joint car insurance policy.

Partners Must Share Home Address

Even in states where domestic partnerships are allowed, the partners must reside in the same home location in order to qualify for a joint car insurance policy. Just like the recognized family members that are included in traditional joint accounts, sharing a residence is required by almost every car insurance company that offers special discounts for multiple policies or multiple cars on the same policy. The insurance company sees domestic partners as family members, the same way a spouse or child is a family member.

Insurance Companies Not Required to Provide Partnership Policies

Depending on the specific details of the domestic partnership laws in your state, car insurance companies might not be required to recognize domestic partnerships. The fact is that car insurance companies are not required to recognize any relationships for special discounts. Married individuals and other traditional family relations do not automatically have the right to share a car insurance policy. It is strictly up to the insurance company whether or not they allow joint policies. In states with domestic partnership laws on the books, though, an insurance company that offers joint policies to married couples would be required to offer the same benefits to domestic partners.

Discounts Available for Domestic Partners

The car insurance discounts that domestic partners can enjoy are the same discounts that married couples can take advantage of. These discounts usually include a special rate for including more than one car on the same policy. You may also qualify for a special discount on your car insurance if you choose to purchase home or life insurance through the same insurance company. Discounts and special insurance packages will vary depending on which insurance company sells you the insurance.

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