55 and Over Discounts on Car Insurance

Men and women over 55 are offered discounts for various items and services ranging from car rentals to hotels and from dining to car insurance. For most people, receiving a discount on a bill like car insurance can be incredibly helpful. Moreover, some insurers view seniors at a higher risk and therefore, more expensive to cover — sometimes it can be difficult for individuals over 55 to retain coverage from some insurance companies. However, some insurance companies see it differently and offer ample coverage to those ages 55 and over.

Several insurance companies offer special discounts to drivers ages 55 and older.


*Senior Adult Discount – Drivers over 65 who drive 25% or more of the car’s annual mileage may receive a discount on Personal Injury Protection.

*55 and Retired – Drivers over the age of 55 (who are retired) will receive a discount on auto insurance rates, as well.

Allstate offers multiple discounts that seniors may be eligible for (in addition to special discounts) including, a multiple policy 10% discount (two or more of the following: car, home and life insurance through Allstate), Premier discount (clean driving record discount -no violations or accidents in the past three years) Premier Plus discount (no violations or accidents in the past five years), Accident Forgiveness (keeps rates from going up in the event of an accident, even if the insured is, at fault), and other discounts.

Erie Insurance Over 55 Discounts

*Discounts are available to drivers over 55, only if the individual is the principal driver of the vehicle.

*Seniors over 55 who are claims-free drivers that have completed driver improvement courses (approved by the insurance company) in the past three years are eligible for discounts, as well. In addition, the driver must reside in any of the following states to receive coverage: New York, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia or Tennessee.

Erie Insurance also offers safe driver discount, PERC (Pioneer Experience Rating Credit – drivers with at least three years coverage and a good claims history will receive a discount), safety discounts, security discounts, multi-policy discount, a reduced usage discount and more.


AARP members receive a discount on auto insurance from various insurance companies. In order to find the lowest rates, it’s a good idea call around for several different quotes or get quotes instantly online.

Drivers who are over 55 and have completed a driver improvement course (in the classroom) that has been approved by the state are eligible for a discount, as well. This discount from AARP are not offered in all states, but they are available in 36 states (including the District of Columbia).

AARP also extends a discount to ten additional states to those who have taken driver improvement courses, online.

In the UK, car insurance companies that offer benefits and discounts to seniors include E Car Insurance, Aviva Motor Insurance, GreenBee Insurance, Churchill Car Insurance, Direct Line Car Insurance and Insurance Choice.

There are other numerous insurance companies across the United States and the rest of the world that offer special discounts to seniors over 55 years old. There are also discounts for the 55 and up crowd at Geico, State Farm, Progressive and Farmers, as well (to name a few). In order for seniors to find the best discount, it helps to shop around by comparing prices and available discounts.

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