4×4 Truck Insurance

4×4 truck owners should know what it takes to get their rough and tough trucks insured. Before off-roading in a new or used 4WD truck, it’s important to be properly covered.

Some insurance policies don’t cover all 4×4 activities — therefore, it’s important to know the details of the coverage, as well as, any risks before starting a policy. For instance, some insurance policies do not provide coverage for off-road truck use. In addition, driving a 4×4 truck on the beach is not covered by many insurance companies because of the risk. The risk is higher for this type of driving and it is not covered by all policies because the premium is based according to the risk of theft or an accident. While drivers who don’t off-road their trucks or drive on the beach can be covered by a basic policy. However, several insurance companies have special policies that specifically cover off-roading and driving on the beach in a 4WD.

4×4 Truck Insurance Policies

The most basic coverage that is required by law for a 4×4 is third party or liability insurance. With this type of insurance, if an accident occurs and the driver is only partially at fault, the policy will cover damage or injury to the other person’s car, but not the policyholder’s damages or injuries.

Additional third party coverage includes third party fire and theft, which offers the same liability coverage as third party insurance, but also allows coverage if the vehicle is damaged in a fire or stolen.

Full insurance or comprehensive coverage not only pays for the other person’s damage or bodily injury (in the event of an accident) and against theft or fire, but also covers the policyholder and any passengers, in the event of death or injury.

Special 4×4 truck insurance is designed specifically for all types of 4×4 driving activities. In addition to providing basic coverage for the truck, insurance policies that are designed specifically for four-wheel drive trucks cover off-road driving (in the desert or the mountains) and beach driving, in the event of an accident. This option is more expensive than traditional insurance because the risk (under these driving conditions) is greater than for those who stick to the road.  In addition, features that have been added (e.g. – wide screens) on to the 4WD truck are often not covered through traditional insurance, but insurance that is specifically for four-wheel drive vehicles will usually cover it. It’s always a good idea to check the terms of the policy beforehand.

Important Facts About 4×4 Truck Insurance

Four-wheel drive vehicles often cost more to insure because they tend to be more expensive to repair. 4×4 truck parts are harder to find because they are not mass produced, like cars and other vehicles.

Adding salvage retention rights to the 4×4 policy might be a good idea for four-wheel drive owners who want to keep the salvaged parts from the vehicle and still be reimbursed for the damages. This addendum to a 4×4 policy goes into effect only if the vehicle has been totaled and must be replaced. This additional clause also allows the vehicle owner to update the vehicle by adding other parts without affecting their coverage. Many times placing additional parts on the vehicle that were not listed on the original policy can result in the insurance becoming unvalid. Most 4×4 insurance policies do not automatically cover salvage retention, therefore, if this is required it should be added to the policy.

Four-wheel drive trucks may require special insurance in order to drive on certain terrain, however, getting a 4WD truck insured is easy with the advice found in this article.

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