3 Coverage Options for Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate is one of the biggest names in insurance across the nation. Providing you the protection you need for your home, property, life and even recreational vehicles, the company assures customers that they are “in good hands”.

When purchasing insurance from Allstate, it is important to understand the different coverage options that are available. Here is the information you will need to know before choosing an insurance policy with Allstate.


This coverage is necessary to provide you with peace of mind when you are traveling the nation’s highways. It is what protects other drivers should you cause an accident and it is the insurance that will save you from being sued on a personal level. There are several different options under liability coverage. Here is what you must know about each of them.

Basic Liability – This coverage is mandated by state law and can not be dropped. It pays for damages to other vehicles and injuries sustained by other people when you cause an accident. It will shield you from lawsuits by paying for the damages up to the maximum coverage level you select.

It will not pay for damage to your own car, nor will it pay for your own medical expense. The coverage also is limited to your coverage level. If the damages exceed your coverage level then you will have to pay the difference or face a lawsuit.

Medical Payments – It’s always a good idea to have extra medical coverage, especially given the high cost of medical care in the country. This liability insurance is designed to cover the injuries sustained by you, your passengers and any family members that are in the insured vehicle. This coverage will kick in regardless of who causes an accident.

Underinsured/ Uninsured Motorist – Your insurance will pay when you cause an accident, but if someone else causes the accident they expect that party to pay for the damages to your car. If they don’t carry high enough levels or are completely uninsured then they will be personally responsible for the damages. You will have to sue them and go through a lengthy process with the courts, and the damages to your car will not be fixed in the meantime. When you have this coverage, your insurance company will take care of the damages and then they will handle the legal aspect of getting the responsible party to actually pay for the damages.

Vehicle Protection

Things happen and there’s not always a clear party at fault for an accident. Black ice can cause you to slide off the road and hydroplaning can happen in any good rainstorm. Vandals can cause damage to your car and falling tree limbs have been known to crush roofs. The only way to ensure that your car will get repaired should something like this happen is to properly insure it.

Collision – This is the coverage that will pay for repairs if your car is damaged on the road from road debris, single-car accidents or other mishaps.
Comprehensive – This coverage typically takes care of most things that might happen while a car is parked; including theft, vandalism and storm damage. It is required on most vehicles that are financed.

Additional Coverages

The options for insurance coverage don’t end with basic liability and vehicle protection. There is a range of additional coverage offered by Allstate to keep your car safe and your family protected. Here are the programs you can take advantage of.

– Personal Injury Protection – Medical bills aren’t the only expenses you might face after an accident. This protection will also help replace lost income, pay for child care and cover other miscellaneous costs.
– Towing and Labor Costs – Even new cars can break down and you can expect to spend $80 or more on a tow. Invest in this coverage so you can call for a safe and convenient tow if the car should break down.
– Rental Reimbursement Coverage – When your car goes in the shop you still need a way to get around. This coverage will reimburse you for the expense of renting a car while yours is being repaired.
– Sound System Coverage – That sound system you installed can be expensive and you really enjoy it. Replacing it after an accident or in the case of theft can be expensive. Standard policies won’t cover after-market equipment like this, but you can be protected if you invest in the right coverage with Allstate.

Customers with Allstate put their trust in the insurance company and have done so for more than 75 years. When it’s time for a new insurance policy, keep this information in mind so you can get the best coverage available for your individual needs.

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