10 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Your Car

You can reduce car expenses by quite a lot when you know the cheaper alternatives to your current car expenses. Follow these tips to save hundreds, sometimes thousands on your car expenses.

1. Under-inflating tires – Under-inflated tires waste gas mileage because they don’t roll as efficiently. A tire will low pressure sags, putting more of the tire surface against the road, increasing friction and drag. Inflate them properly for the best gas mileage.

2. Buying Expensive Bulbs – Expensive headlight bulbs make very little difference to the amount of light your headlights emit, but they make a big dent in your wallet.  If your headlights seem dim, get new lens covers, or pick some up cheap at the junkyard.

3. Using Pricey Cleaners – You don’t need expensive cleaners for your car. Most of the time, soap and water work well enough. You can use something fancier, but you don’t need it.

4. Washing Your Car at Home – Car washes are an inexpensive way to clean your car. If you do it yourself, you use much more water, time and energy. Your time is valuable than the cost of a carwash. Just be sure to choose the cheapest wash and wax. The then you can do a better job and not take much longer to finish the job.

5. Buying High-Octane Gas – Premium gasoline is only helpful if you have an engine designed to run on it. If you put premium in an engine designed for the regular stuff, there is no benefit. You only need higher octane if your car manual calls for it or if you hear engine knocks. Use only the octane high enough to stop the knock. Then get your car checked to be sure something else isn’t causing the knock.

6. Using the Dealer for Service – Most independent shops will do the same job for less money and often in less time. Do your research beforehand, otherwise, you could find an unscrupulous shop that will take your money and run.

7. Waiting for a Breakdown – If you notice a shock absorber that’s causing uneven tire wear or a brake squeak, schedule the repair right away. Fixing things before they break is usually cheaper and a lot less time consuming than doing it after a roadside breakdown and tow to the garage.

8. Buying Extended Warranties – Buying an extended warrantee is usually money down the drain. Unless your car is particularly troublesome and you anticipate a lot of trips to the dealer, then save the money you’d spend on an extended warranty and use it for a repair if one ever comes up.

9. Paying Too Much for Insurance – Check the limits and shop around. If your car is only worth $1,500, then you may well be over paying. However, never skimp on liability coverage. Compared to the payout you get, it’s very cheap.

10. Speeding – Nothing will hurt more than a large speeding fine. Aside from the fine, you could also end up paying extra for insurance when your insurance company finds out. In addition, it can take years before your insurance rates will go back down.

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