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Western General Car Insurance Discounts

Western General Car Insurance is a company that caters specifically to low-income drivers who need to maintain their legal insurance coverage but can't afford the standard rates at traditional insurance companies. Western General provides flexible coverage so that paying for car insurance can be easier for anyone who needs to own a car while living in a low-income situation. The company has offices in 16 states, and it offers service to residents of all 50 states through its website and toll free phone system.

While Western General does not offer a wide array of discounts the same way that traditional car insurance companies do, the standard rates that customers pay are lower in general. There is a also a special discount program some customers can use. Every customer is able to take advantage of lower premiums without needing to qualify for any particular discounts. All you need is a good driving record and proof of your low-income status.

Low Income Discounted Policies

The policies offered through Western General are all geared toward low-income customers. These policies do not include some of the more expensive coverage options that you would find at a typical insurance company. By eliminating high cost insurance options from their services, Western General can keep their prices lower than those offered by other insurance companies. Since the company only deals with low-income customers, the agents and administration are all experts in dealing with some of the special issues that can arise in a low-income situation. Smaller Down Payments

Western General allows customers to purchase insurance policies with lower down payments than you would normally find at a standard car insurance company. With Western General, the goal is to get your car insured as quickly as possible with as much financial comfort as possible. A lower down payment gives you the opportunity to purchase car insurance, even if it is difficult for you to put together a large lump sum payment all at once. You can also take advantage of a monthly payment program if you are not comfortable paying your annual fee once a year.

Purchase Minimum Legal Requirements

Each state has specific requirements for the minimum amount of insurance a driver must carry at all times. Western General is prepared to sell you a policy that covers those legal minimums without any other supplemental insurance coverage that you don't need. If you simply need enough insurance to keep your car legal so that you can drive where you need to go without worrying about an expensive traffic ticket for driving without insurance, Western General will work with you so that you can have that coverage at a price you can afford.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Discount

Western General does offer one special designation for customers who are interested in even lower rates. The preferred provider organization endorsement option allows you to save money on the repair work done on your car by a member of the preferred provider network. PPO repair shops use the highest quality technicians and equipment because they have to live up to the Western General guarantee. Customers who choose to use PPO repair shops pay only their deductible and any applicable depreciation costs for their vehicle repairs. Customers who do not use PPO repair shops must pay the deductible, the depreciation costs, plus a 20% co-payment on the actual repair costs. By using a PPO shop, you can save hundreds of dollars on the repairs of your vehicle.

Convenient Online Services

Although Western General does not have offices in each state, customers can still sign up for their insurance nationwide. Western General meets the necessary rules and regulations of each state in which it sells insurance, so customers can take advantage of their special rates for low-income insurance. The company's website makes it easy to learn what you need to know about their policies, as well as make payments or communicate with a representative directly.

Nationally Available

Western General reduces overhead by offering most of their services through an online portal rather than in a brick and mortar office environment. If you are involved in an accident while you are a Western General customer, you will be able to contact an agent through a toll free number during their regular operating hours, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. The agent will be familiar with your area and can help you choose the next step to take in your claims process.