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Utica National Car Insurance Discounts

You can earn special car insurance discounts if you meet certain requirements as a Utica National Car Insurance customer. The company offers different insurance packages with different levels of discounts depending on your particular insurance needs. Talk with a Utica National insurance agent for more details.

Green Discount

Utica National offers an environmentally friendly discount for drivers who own hybrid or electric vehicles. This discount is an incentive for more drivers to make the switch to greener forms of transportation. You could save some money on car insurance while you are also saving money on fuel costs. The lower emissions will help keep the air cleaner while you take advantage of the financial benefits of owning a green vehicle. Your Utica National insurance agent can tell you more about whether your hybrid or electric car will qualify for this discount.

Company Car Discount

Drivers who have been given company cars full-time can earn a discount on their insurance when they purchase a policy for their personal vehicle through Utica National. You could even earn a multi-car discount if you drive a company car and own a personal vehicle that is insured wit Utica National. Driving a company car will reduce the amount of driving that you do in your personal vehicle, which means you have a reduced risk of being involved in an accident while you are driving away from work. Driving fewer miles can help keep your insurance costs down overall.

Annual Payment Discount

If you can manage to pay off your entire insurance policy once every year, Utica National will offer you a discount on your premium. Making a single annual payment instead of paying twice a year or monthly is good for the insurance company because it means they can process less paperwork on your account. Paying annually is good for you because it reduces your risk of having a coverage lapse if your monthly or bi-annual payments should be late for any reason. Purchasing insurance 12 months at a time helps make owning car insurance easier for everyone involved.

Diminishing Deductible

One of the more unusual discounts offered through Utica National is the diminishing deductible discount. Drivers who are able to avoid accidents or filing claims for a specific period will have their deductibles lowered without changing their insurance premiums. The deductibles could potentially be lowered until they meet the state mandated minimum deductible levels. Drivers who are able to avoid collisions for a certain number of years should also be able to receive lower overall premiums because they are at a lower risk of filing a claim. Being a good driver can save you money in several ways when it comes to car insurance.

Accident Forgiveness

As soon as you sign up for a Utica National car insurance policy, you begin to accrue time toward your accident forgiveness benefit. Drivers who do not file a claim for three consecutive years can qualify for accident forgiveness, which allows them to have a single accident after the initial three years without raising their car insurance costs. Accidents that are found to be the other driver's fault do not count against you in the accident forgiveness program. The only accidents that would nullify your eligibility are accidents that you are found at fault for.

Emergency Living Expenses

Although the emergency living expenses feature is not technically a discount, it is a way to save money as a Utica National customer. This special feature will help you cover your housing and eating expenses if you become stranded away from home while you wait for your car to be repaired after an accident. You will only qualify for emergency living expenses in the case of an accident that you needed to file a claim for. Speak with a Utica National agent for more details about the situations that would qualify for this unique car insurance feature.

Account Credit

The account credit program allows you to save money on your car insurance by becoming a home insurance customer through Utica National as well. Owning both types of insurance through the same company can save you time and money as you deal with all of your insurance needs through the same office. The discount applies to homeowners and car owners who qualify for discounts that will save you money on both types of insurance at once. Discount details can vary from state to state. Ask your local agent about which discounts you would qualify for in your specific situation.